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Simple Demonstration of How Modern Cars are Made (Video)

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Do you know how modern cars are produced?

In case you are just searching for answer to this simple question here is the answer. Modern Cars are produced through automated manufacturing.

What is Automated Manufacturing?

Simple demonstration of how modern cars are made (Video)

This is a manufacturing method that fully depends on robotic operations. The process of manufacturing through the arrangements of fully automated machines popularly known as industrial robots. With each robot assigned with specific function that is continuous and repetitive leading to a continuous manufacturing setup where time and mass production managements meet each other.

Before now, cars are made through semi-automations manufacturing processes as well as fully manual manufacturing process (before invention of automated machines). The disadvantages associated with the manufacturing methods made it very difficult to meet up with the global competition for quality as well as quantity. The need to stand out among others and reduce cost of production among other reasons are pushing the automobile industries to quickly adopt new technologies to aid the car manufacturing processes.

The recent automations in car manufacturing appear to have full software synchronization making it one of the visible impact of the artificial intelligence for human benefits. Most giant car manufacturing factories now have numerous industrial robots executing various task to start the production of cars from the early stage to the finishing stage. These factory are able to maintain quality, higher production output and lower cost of production.  

From the early stage of skeleton formation, the unit parts are brought together and welded together by the welding robots. The process continues until the whole parts are brought together.

The skeleton undergoes painting process through dipping and spraying methods until required thickness is achieved.

The next stage is the fixing of major moving parts which includes the gearbox and all engine components as well as the engine.

The finishing stage includes the installation of all the interiors of the car including seats, dashboard, and lights.

In all these manufacturing processes, the industrial robots executes over 90% of the operations in modern car making process.

The video below illustrates how modern Cars are produced in fully automated factory. You can share your thoughts through the comment section.

Video demonstration of how modern cars are Produced

Simple demonstration of how modern cars are made (Video)

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