This is How Window Glass Is Made

This is How Window Glass Is Made

How is window glass made? Glass, an extraordinary human invention, possesses a unique combination of hardness and fragility. Unlike most materials, it allows light to pass through while maintaining its solid form. Although glass has become a common part of our lives, it was once a highly prized object in prehistoric times. In the field … Read more

The Amazing Process of How Synthetic Leather is Made

The Amazing Process of How Synthetic Leather is Made

The Amazing Process of How Synthetic Leather Is Made In modern society man has evolved from how we produce and manufacture certain materials, with the invention and advancement of technology we have found an easier and faster way to produce certain things with more quality, one industry that has experienced this dynamic change is the … Read more

How to Make Use of Avocado Pear to Make Leather

How to Make Use of Avocado Pear to Make Leather

How to Use of Avocado Pear to Make Leather   Leather has been used for centuries in various industries, including fashion, automotive, and furniture, due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. However, the conventional methods of leather production have raised environmental concerns, such as deforestation, water pollution, animal extinction and hazardous chemical usage. These issues … Read more

The Cost of Building a Warehouse in Nigeria Might Surprise You, Find Out Here

Cost of Building a Warehouse in Nigeria

The cost of building a Warehouse in Nigeria can take in lots of millions, but with the right information, you can avoid certain waste of resources and unnecessary spending. Building a warehouse is not the same as just building a house. A warehouse is an industrial building that can be used for a variety of … Read more


Shoe making in Nigeria

    Shoe manufacturing is not a new investment in Nigeria, Aba had been the early name when it comes to shoe productions. Before now, most Nigerians prefer foreign shoes from Europe or US due to quality standard of those shoes. As a result of such the local industries have to upgrade to meet u … Read more

Simple Demonstration of 3D Printing Technology in Manufacturing Process

3d printer 2

3D printing technology has evolved into diverse applications including manufacturing. The modern 3D printing technology used for manufacturing makes use of the same working principle associated with 3D printing. In this case, the manufacturing is carried out through an additive process. In this process, the object is manufactured through the continuous feeding of the manufacturing … Read more

Top 10 Facts About Synthetic Fiber and Its Uses in the Making of Cars

a commercial airplane with double engine system

Imagine a private car completely built with fiber as its body, what could be its advantages and disadvantages? Discovery has shown that most heavy-duty trucks conveying petroleum products and other industrial products were made with fiber except for their carriage or tank area, the drivers and engine components were completely sealed with fiber against the … Read more


The aerial view of the new vertical lifting drone with back propelling rotor called 'CORA'

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that carry out a range of tasks for individuals and organizations. These aerial vehicles were originally developed by military drone manufacturers for the military, however, drones have found their way into other industries because of the different tasks they can perform. There are several top drone manufacturers in the world … Read more

How Plastic Drums are made by Plastic Industries (+video)

Plastic Drums and their covers

Plastic drums are those PVC drums use in storing chemicals and water in chemical industries & residential homes respectively. Learn how they are made & other manufacturing processes in plastic industries.


Swiss Roofing sheet

The list of all the roofing sheets wholesale dealers in Nigeria, their office addresses, phone numbers and how to reach them.

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