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For the purpose of privacy, we can assure you that any of your information entered on this website while using it legitimately is safe. Such information includes; your email address, name, location address, or mobile number, etc. they remain confidential and protected within the website server. Therefore, they cannot be used by us or any third party without your permission.

Sending unauthorized emails known as spam, using your email address for affiliate products marketing, or giving it out for a benefit to other website owners, etc. are not in the ethics of ENGINEERINGALL.COM operation. However, note that subscribing to our newsletter form means that you have given ENGINEERINGALL.COM the permission to email every post published in it to you.

Though we work tirelessly to protect this website against unauthorized intrusion, please note that; the above promise will not include a situation that our server is being mistakenly hacked or intruded by a malware software attack or mistakenly overridden by some email extracting bot software that attacks websites to extract its email addresses.

Based on the recent update of the EU privacy policy law, we will like to inform you of some unseen or unnoticeable information that could be obtained from you the moment you visit this website. Though, they do not in any way affect your privacy negatively.

In regard to the earlier statement, this website runs with numerous plugins with different functions. There are about five different plugins that operate either, to count the number of visitors that accessed a particular page, the number of page views, social media post likes and sharing counts, webpage caching and/or use of cookies, and spam comment or bot filter, etc.

These actions usually carried out by the plugins get activated the moment you are on the website. Hence, information like the device IP address can be obtained which may include the location you are accessing the website from within the globe.

Note that the whole information of the IP address and the number of posts the IP address accessed in the website is completely confidential and viewed by the website administrator only.  Such will not be disclosed to anyone. The sole purpose of such data is to evaluate the growth of the website and to know the kind of information visitors/readers are looking on regular bases and where such information is most important.


Please note that; this policy can be modified or have more items added to it or removed from it at any time, do the favor of visiting this page at least every four months to check for an update.


We appreciate your visit to ENGINEERINGALL.COM and also appreciate your other activities like the posting of articles, comments, giving feedback and suggestions, etc.

However, we do not appreciate the posting of adult contents in the form of pictures or images, videos, and articles like sex stories, etc. such shall be removed and the IP address may be blocked from posting or accessing the website.

Contents that teach people about hacking or phishing of any kind, malware attacks, or any other criminal online activities are not encouraged here, such will also be removed.

We do not appreciate the posting of copyrighted contents in the form of articles, blogs, images, etc. because such can demoralize the reputation of ENGINEERINGALL.COM. Any content to be posted must be originally generated by the owner with the exception of free license image photographs added to your article for illustrations & clarity purpose.

Using the “publish your article” page to post articles and/or images aimed at advertising any product and/or service is not allowed, rather the content should aim at assisting individuals visiting the website for additional information based on your own knowledge or idea in that regard, then a link to your product/products for details.


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