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ABOUT US is a domain used to migrate the formal’s domain contents which were hosted on 20th Oct. 2016. The migration from to occurred on 8th Oct. 2018.

The aim is to serve the needs of internet users seeking information in the fields of engineering (science and technology), Engineering related projects execution, Engineering related business investments in Nigeria, environmental and safety related issues, Industries and services, General investment ideas, Solution ideas to technical issues that addresses “how to do things” and other frequently asked questions (FAQs), and covering of vital information in various categories of engineering.

In regard to that, we are committed to publishing quality contents aimed at providing what our audience needs through articles publications, videos, and audio contents. 

In addition to the above, we will be focusing on solving the problems of platforms followers and website visitors who may ask a question through comments or questions and answer section. Anyone can provide answer to any question raised in the question and answer section. 

If you want to submit a guest post for publication please do so by using the ‘Submit post’ button and afterward sending an email to the admin for notification. Your guest post must not be focused on advertising a particular product with numerous external links to the products being advertised.

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