Top 5 Basic Causes Of Air Pollution In The Oil Host Communities

A flow-station in the oil and gas industries

Possible Causes Of Air Pollution In The Oil & Gas Host Communities The evidence of colored water during rainfall in most of the communities where the activities of oil and gas industries are located has given reason for concern on whether they are the contributing factor to such occurrence. A recent discovery of black particles … Read more

How Dangerous are Chemical Weapons Over Other Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

New compound and its molecular arrangement

How Dangerous Are Chemical Weapons? Chemical weapons belong to the category of weapons of mass destruction just like nuclear and biological weapons. A warfare weapon can be said to be a chemical weapon if it has a specialized munition that uses chemicals formulated to inflict death or harm on humans. Any chemical that is toxic … Read more

How Newly-Discovered Graphene Will Eliminate Use Of Hydrocarbons

rechargeable batteries

HOW THE NEWLY DISCOVERED GRAPHENE WILL ELIMINATE USE OF HYDROCARBONS The quest for alternative energy source to protect the ozone layer had been ongoing following the support from the appropriate organization. Though lots of rechargeable energies like the batteries had been developed with improved capacities and durable discharge time, solar panel manufacturing had been improving … Read more


An Electric car

Details of Why graphene batteries & electric cars with artificial intelligence will be the center of future transportation. More on graphene.

Top 3 Basic Methods of Coal Utilization Currently used by China & How Nigeria Can Learn

Screen display motion interface for PR2

Detailed explanation of how China refines coal & utilizes it for power generation & how Nigeria can adopt the same method to save power cost.

3 Basic Plastic Processing Applicable in Plastic Industries

Plastic injection molding machine

Basic Plastic Processing Methods Plastics are synthetic materials that can be deformed and mold into shape through the application of heat, though the word “plastic” can be used in other terms that are not synthetic materials to denote malleability and ability to be shaped or to show elasticity, this term is usually seen when dealing … Read more

Top 10 Astounding Advantages of Fiber Laser System

fiber laser machine

Detailed explanation of the Reasons Fiber Laser System Continues To Dominate Most Laser Systems In The Making Of Industrial Machines.

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