Sophia: A New Humanoid AI Robot First Public Appearance (Video)

Sophia: A New Humanoid AI Robot First Public Appearance

Sophia: A New Humanoid AI Robot First Public Appearance (Video)

The latest robot Sophia has made her first public address which was recorded on a video and shared on Twitter by many robots fan. Sophia has been categorized as one of the world’s leading high artificial intelligent robot.

Though the Sophia is still in development, the little revealed about the robot shows that more can be expected at the end of its production.

The engineers behind the making of the robot have shown tremendous progress and bring hope for business owners that are expecting highly sophisticated robots to take over some activities and help reduce stress to their staffs.

Logistically, Sophia can be said to have the ability of carrying out most office jobs like, secretarial jobs, receptionist job, Office cleaner, and accounting jobs, etc.

These jobs are needed in many firms and if Sophia or any other special robot can be found to perform them perfectly, then it will become a very good invitation to employers of labor to invest in the robot mass production.

The way Sophia has been designed so far shows that at its final stage this robot will have a similar appearance like humans such that it can comfortably carry out human functions.

It is believed that after the arms and hairs had been fixed one looking at the robot from afar may not be able to differentiate Sophia from Humans.

Sophia the robot spilling tea on fifth harmony ugghh we STAN!#KCA #FavMusicalGroupFifthHarmony

— erva #ThankYouFifthHarmony (@ThatStirlingite) March 20, 2018

There are other robots still in development, some were made for specific functions while other are human-like robots made for complex jobs like Sophia.

A robotic dog was taken to the street as a companion by the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos according to the tweet made by the CNN international, to shows us how fast the evolution of Robots age is coming in to dwell with humans.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took a robot dog for a walk

— CNN International (@cnni) March 21, 2018

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