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How Rubber Sandals/Shoes Were Made & How To Start The Business

How rubber sandals were made

How To Start Rubber sandals/Shoes Manufacturing Business

If you are considering setting up a low-cost manufacturing industry in Nigeria you will probably have a lot in your mind to choose but when it comes to such investment, giving the rubber sandals manufacturing business a try wouldn’t be a bad idea. In understanding how Rubber Sandals/Shoes were made, you may not find it difficult to set up.

Consider it as part of the businesses you could probably invest in if you have the necessary requirements and finance. As lifestyle is changing, the use of rubber sandals and shoes is gradually becoming popular not just among children but adults as well.

investing in this business may not be as difficult as you may be thinking. For instance, the video shared in this post clearly demonstrates how these types of rubber sandals and shoes can be produced in the factory.

With the simplified equipment set up and operations, running such a small factory even using a section of your home can be very possible. the main question is how much is the equipment and where can it be purchased if you are based in nigeria.

Advantages of Rubber Sandals/Shoes

Rubber sandals and shoes have lots of advantages that have made them acceptable to some extent in modern lifestyle, such acceptance is not only coming as a result of its advantages rather it is coming as a result of modernization and improvements of rubber products, especially the sandals and shoes.

Before now, rubber sandals and shoes were limited to certain colors and only for children’s sizes.

Low quality made it to last only for a while before wearing out in color and in shape, though the price is cheap many feels discouraged to buy or wear it until the modern improvements that have started making rubber sandals and shoes to last longer, look very attractive like leather shoes and sandals as well as keeping its low price.

You can now see rubber shoes that look like canvas shoes as well as leather shoes. You can also see rubber sandals that look similar to the leather sandals and in all, they last longer than some leather shoes.

Because of their preference to be used in matching wet grounds, and dirty and muddy areas, those living in such environs have no option but to opt for the rubber footwear.

Having seen the benefits and how it all started, let us discuss how these unique products can be made.

How Rubber Sandals/Shoes Were Made

You may be thinking that manufacturing rubber sandals and shoes are a multi-billion or millions project, in other words, it is not as expensive s you may assume to set it up.

From the information supplied to the team by a manufacturer of children’s rubber sandals, it could be ascertained that it does not take you a whole lot of cash to run such a business.

Based on the video shared via our YouTube channel which you can watch below:

All you need is to buy the few machines used by the factory, buy raw materials from the rubber processing industries and you are set to resume manufacturing. The main expense is to acquire the pressing/shaping machine as revealed in the video.

Based on operations, the semi-processed rubber material is placed on the molding unit of the machine and allowed to pass through the moderate heat/processing unit which expands the rubber and forces it to take the shape of the mold.

Since the mold is the shape of a sandal, the rubber takes the sandal shape and is ejected out of the mold, the other leg of the sandal undergoes a similar process in another mold to obtain the left and right legs of the sandals.

The above explanations reveal how rubber sandals were made and how you can invest in such a business, do not forget to share your thought via the comment section.

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