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How To Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water

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Why Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water?

Many Nigerian like white clothes especially the ones that work in places like banks, church and other areas corporate dressing is required, but the problem is how to maintain the white color.

If you are using underwear made with a white color you will observe that over a period of time the cloth will gradually change to milk color, so the difficult aspect is how to maintain the white clothes from fading in its color.

I will focus on different technics depending on the level of stain on the white cloth; the following are the steps of preserving the color of your white cloth from fading:

Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water
Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water

After wearing it for the first time observe the areas that do accumulate dirt easily such as the collar, armpits, button lines, shoulder designs, etc. knowing the area easily affected by dirt is the first step of preserving the color of the cloth.

If you wear a white cloth and gets wet with it do to sweats do not go and hang it as most people do except you want to wear it next time but when sure of not wearing it again do to the dirt on it the best option is to suck it that period with hot water and detergents. This will quickly remove any stain and restore the color.

Whenever you wash your white cloth dry it directly by exposing to sunlight, cloth dryer, or using fan do not use because of fear of rainfall and spread the cloth in area with no access to sunlight because this makes the cloth to acquire small black spots on it after a long time and helps the white cloth to easily change to milk color.

Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water
Keep White Clothes Cleaned Using Hot Water


Boil water that is enough to cover the cloth when it is sucked in a bucket

Add bleacher-like hypo, jik or any other brand into the bucket containing the hot water along with detergent like omo, kiln, waw, etc immediately without allowing the water to cool or start reducing in temperature at the same time insert the white cloth inside the bucket.

Use a stick to stir the cloth in the bucket of hot water for some time to ensure the homogeneous of the whole content, then cover the bucket with something that will not allow air to enter inside the bucket indirectly making the cooling rate of the water to be slow.

After about six hours when the water temperature is down to a warm state not when it has cool down completely to room temperature, I mean it should cool down to about 40 degree Celsius that is the best time to wash your white cloth.

My experiment showed that almost all the stains in white clothes can be removed with this method except in few cases of very stubborn stains like the small black spots developed as a result of the poor Technics in drying the cloth previously or stains obtained due to the rust of any metal object fixed in the cloth.

In such a case addition of solvents like kerosene and fuel to remove it Note that the solvents are added directly inside on the stain spots, not in the water.

After the washing of the cloth follow the drying Technics mentioned earlier and do not rinse the cloth with any other colored cloth and avoid coming in contact with colored clothes whose colors are bleaching as they stain your white clothes.

PLEASE NOTE, after the washing and drying of the clothes there will be several lines of rumbling of the cloth such that it will be ugly to wear it like that hence ironing of the cloth with high temperature pressing iron assisted with water or liquid starch can remove the lines and restore the cloth to its initial state.

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