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How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan

A ceiling fan

Understand How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan

Electric fan is one of the major electrical appliances used in countries with hot weather conditions like Nigeria.

Though common in the area, it is possible that every home across the globe has an electric fan, the usability relies on the weather conditions in each country.

How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: Air Blade Blowing Chrome Cool Electric Fan
How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: AN ELECTRIC FLOOR FAN

The electric fan manufacturers had done a lot to improve the technology by coming up with several designs to suit the need of the consumers over the years.

Starting from the popular industrial fan expellers to domestic and personal fans. One of the ways they achieved that was through the making of the electric fans for different purposes like:

The standing fan,

Table fan,

Wall fan,

Ceiling fan,

Floor fan,

and window fan called expeller.

These fans have their various uses, designs and sizes meant for a particular need. But basically, they all operate with the same principle.

How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: Ceiling-Fan Electrical Isolated Air Applia
How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: AN ELECTRIC CEILING FAN
How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan Electric Fans, Blower, Fan, Wind Turbine
How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: AN ELECTRIC STANDING FAN

The basic principle electric fan operates with is that of electromagnetic induction. If two magnets are brought together and the current is meant to pass through one.

It will create a rotation effect and that is the principle all-electric motors were made and that is the same motor all-electric fan use.

Details of electromagnetic inductions and how electric fan engines use their principle for operation can be discovered later in this blog.

Therefore, to know the problems of electric fans; one must understand the basic principle of electromagnetic inductions.

There are several faults electric fans can develop which do not relate to their engine, such as; blade problems, cracking of covers, the base or support damage, etc.

So finding faults in electric fan require the individual to know how to identify the basic causes of the problems of electric fan first, which had been written in our previous posts.

We had explained the basic causes of electric fan problems and their solutions in our previous post as said earlier. So, it is important to go through the post after reading this one.

There are several ways one can identify faults in electric fans and that can be done either through direct inspection or through a device.

For faults relating to the motor coil, using an ohmmeter to check for discontinuity can be a better option.

How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: Computer Fan Wires Parts Inside Technology

To check for the discontinuity in the coil of electric fan, obtain the two or more edges of the coil and start checking edges to edges to detect where the coil has discontinuity which can be the major source of the fan’s engine problem.

Other categories of faults can be obtained through inspection or physical observations.

How To Discover Faults In Electric Fan: Computer, Power Supply, Wire

However, it is common for one to give up easily while trying to ratify faults in an electric fan coil while using the method mentioned above.

The reason is that it is tedious and requires lots of patience to detect the actual cause of the problem in the coil.

If one should visit the technicians that usually repair electric fan you would observe that it is the same technique they are using to detect serious faults in the fan’s engine coil.

Other methods may include running a live current through the coil and using a voltmeter to note where the voltage stopped flowing in the coil but the method is very risky and unsafe because it does lead to electric shocks while doing it.

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