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Top 9 Steps showing How To Give Barbing Salon Good Look

A barber in a barbing salon

How To Give Barbing Salon Good Look

How To Give Barbing Salon Good Look
How To Give Barbing Salon Good Look

Barbing salon having a good look is not just for the owner’s benefit, rather it can also yield back the financial expenses for the owner even with extra cash inflow.

It has been noticed that most well-furnished barbing salon usually charge higher for their services than the poorly furnished ones.

Notwithstanding the higher prices for the furnished barbing salon one will still notice that they usually have more customers than others, which means more money for the owner.

Though furnishing a barbing salon to have a good look is necessary, there are occasions where such could be a waste of money and that includes when the salon is located in an interior village where the potential customers will be farmers and petty traders, etc.

In that case; they will always seek for cheaper barbing salon due to their financial strength.

So it is very important to know the type of customers you want to attract before spending money to make the salon have a good look.

There are many ways of making a barbing salon to look good and the level of the look depends on the money spent on it.

Steps on How To Give Barbing Salon Good Look

The basic and less expensive way of furnishing a salon includes:

  • Having quality office chairs in the salon, the type of chairs that were manufactured with chromium coated stainless steels clothed with tarpaulin or leather having strong elastic foam inside.
  • The floor of the salon needs to be tiled with reflective and colorful tiles.
  • The table and cupboard in the salon should be of quality wood which may be tiled or painted to suit the color of the wall paint of the shop’s interior. I.e. if the wall paint is white the table and cupboard should be white the same applies when selecting the color of the chair, ensure it reflects the color of the wall.
  • Your mirror should not be less than 4 feet width by 6 feet length and should have the same length as that of your table while the same size of mirror will be placed just opposite the other mirror at the front of the table, the arrangement should be such that when you are barbing, the customer should be able to see the front view and back view of the haircut without standing up from the chair.
  • Besides that, it has been noticed that when such arrangement is made, it will always leave the salon with high light intensity making the entire shop to have strong illumination due to the mirrors’ reflections of the lights from bulbs.
  • For the purpose of beauty, use a fancy ceiling and standing fan the types that usually come with some reflective parts. If you can afford an air conditioner, it will an added advantage; let the air conditioner be positioned in a way that the air inflow goes to the customer that seats in the barbing chair, this will make the customer feel the impact of your shop quality and see the reason for the higher price you charge.
  • Though not every customer pays attention to your ceiling if you have enough finance change the ceiling to P.O.P or PVC type and ensure it has similar color with the floor tiles.
  • Having an entertainment features it part of what makes the salon has a higher standard, so it will be nice to place a 25-inch plasma TV or higher inch plasma with quality DVD player and cable decoder for optional usability.
  • There are times customers may need music or you need to call people’s attention through music, so you need a quality sound system in the shop and ensure it is a modern technology sound system not old fashioned.
  • Many customers cannot differentiate quality clipper from fewer quality types but for them to rate you higher they need to see things not usually seen in other low-grade barbing salons, so buy quality clippers or clippers that are not common in every barbing salon.
  • The same thing applies when buying accessories such as; aftershave creams, powders, sterilizing liquids or machines, calendars, foot mats, hairbrush, combs, etc. ensure they are not common if possible for you.

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