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Powerful Features Of Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car


Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car

How Silver Arrow Concept Of Electric Car From Mercedes Benz Can Bring A Shift To Car Designs

Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car
Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car

The quest for electric cars production is still at its peak with different production companies coming up with their various designs. The issue of superiority in design, quality, and reliability remain a vital aspect of concern to consumers.

Electric car concept released by Toyota featured various aspects of designs including artificial intelligence (AI). The idea of using AI to improve the functionalities of its electric sports cars remains a vital aspect of the Toyota’s concept for its future electric cars.

Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car
Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car

Mercedes has earlier made a commercial bus running with electric power among other unique features. Its idea of unique electric sports car design is not a surprise to its fans.

There are speculations as to how long it will take for the concept to go into production and become open for buyers to make front-payment for the car believed to have a unique design.

Based on the concept, Mercedes intends using streamlining ideology to offer special speed to the electric sports car yet to come into production.

The arrowhead design will stop at nothing less than giving it the high speed made possible through the low air resistance on the car when it is running.

Though the design seems almost impossible for production due to the high level of flatness observed from it, the internal arrangement has reduced the number of seats to only one.

This means that practically, it can carry only one person at a time. It is a cool car meant for race sports but not limited to such application.

Meanwhile, emails and forum interactions indicate that the design may actually help the battery discharge time if the whole body weight is made to be light.

It is possible that its running with the current improved lithium-ion battery may cover 100s of miles without the need for a recharge. 

Better still, if graphene battery is to come into existence; running the car with such battery can be a big blow to the modern sports cars running with internal combustion engines.

The silver arrow concept is an intention to make a unique sports car quite different from what had been made previously. 

The featured image reveals a painted body with silver color while the front edge design appears like an arrow. The combination of the two features is believed to be the source of the name “silver arrow sports car”.

The height seems to be equal with that of the front and rear wheels while other electronic design features dominate the lighting and bonnet outer appearance.

The car may have AI technology inclusion to be able in overcoming some of its expected features though that information is yet to be ascertained from the source of information.

Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car
Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car
Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car
Mercedes Benz Silver-Arrow Electric Car

The top view of the car reveals its unique streamlining design made for such road stability and speed control. The concept can put Mercedes in the spotlight of sports cars fans due to the distinctive look.

Though experts once said that the design had been in existence with the firm and some of its sports cars had been made with similar designs. Some source claimed it is just the first of its kind.

However, if the production becomes successful and its expected features included, the car may bring a shift to the designs of modern sports and private electric cars.


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