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When it comes to the making of reliable, safe and durable technologies in the transport system, all eyes will go to the new ways of sourcing energy to reduce the current impact of the environmental impacts of the carbon released from combustion engines with transportation vehicles and aircrafts contributing to over 60% of the global carbon monoxide emissions, the rest statistics goes to power generating plants and industrial machines.

Having the transportation section completely dominated with environmentally pollution-free technology would eliminate more than 60% of carbon monoxide and another toxic gas emission into the environment and will help reduce the deteriorating impact such gases are already caused to the earth’s ozone layer.

Researchers had done the earth lots of good by coming up with the currently used lithium ion batteries which had made it possible for the production of reliable and long power discharging batteries for electric cars, electric drones, electric aircraft, electric bikes, rechargeable electronics, rechargeable robots, and most AI machines, etc.

These items mentioned above are currently in use with renewable energy, but their advantages still have a good comparison for most internal combustion engines. When it comes to power output, load-bearing capacity, strength, and momentum, etc. the internal combustion engines’ powered machines have greater load-bearing battery-powered machines. For the above reasons, the researchers have started making moves to look for the best competitor for internal combustion engines that will not serve as alternative but would totally eliminate the existence of all the internal combustion or any other combustion engines used currently to have a planet free from environmental pollutions made possible through the excess emission of the carbon monoxides and other harmful gases.

Graphene, a newly discovered material from graphite, an allotrope of carbon has been the major focus of the researchers. Scientists believe that graphene properties could be utilized to make a superior battery that could be better than lithium ions batteries. Based on tests conducted so far, graphene had given hope to the scientists that the vision of eliminating the internal combustion engines is not far from becoming a reality. A popular comment released by a researcher in a graphene test video released on U-tube channel revealed that graphene could be utilized to overcome the limitations of the current lithium-ion batteries which include the following;

Longer charging time,

Low voltage power output with durable time an advantage,

The weight of the battery against the load capacity (heavy disadvantage for the battery-powered aircraft),

Among other minor limitations.

Graphene had been predicted to have the ability of making rechargeable batteries that could be charged to their 100% level within few minutes, longer power output than lithium-ion batteries, higher voltage output (which will make it ideal for powering heavy-duty machines), and lighter weight than the lithium ions batteries (a good advantage for making of battery-powered aircrafts), among other advantages it has against the already existing lithium ions batteries.

The introduction of graphene batteries into the current trending technologies of electric cars and artificial intelligence (ai) will bring a lot of changes to the existing technologies globally. If AI robots could be powered with graphene battery, it means less charging time and frequency of recharge interval, lighter weight, and better flexibility and mobility will dominate such robots, an advantage yet to be obtained with lithium ions battery or acid-based battery. With graphene battery, commercial airplanes could operate without burning any gas because their jet engines could be replaced with sets of supersonic speed electric motors powered by graphene batteries. Besides that, when it comes to aircraft, passengers drones could be made to have a larger size, more lifting, and hovering power and load-bearing capacity if powered with the predicted graphene batteries.

If the predictions made about graphene batteries are true using for cars and earth moving vehicles will offer lots of advantages which could make everyone to abandon the existing cars using IC engines. The current moves by Toyota, Mercedes Benz and other automobile making companies to make self-driving cars powered by rechargeable batteries and equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology can become not just a reality but a move to revolutionize the methods that every car on earth would be used to run when it comes to their powering source. Graphene battery can make cars to become lighter, run faster, become environmentally-friendly, among other benefits, above all the cars could be recharged in a few minutes at any place with power supply.

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According to research, there are advantages of electric cars with AI technology when used with batteries like graphene as predicted:

  1. Once recharged at home, it is possible you may not need to recharge your electric cars until you reach your destination provided it’s a drive within two or three cities.
  2. Provision of charging stations could displace the existing fuel filling stations and help electric car owners recharge their cars within a few minutes when traveling for a long distance journey.
  3. Electric cars will no longer be limited for personal cars, Lorries and pickups could also be powered with graphene batteries.
  4. Lighter weight with higher speed will become the features of future cars.
  5. With graphene batteries, some cars can be made to become transformable moving on the road when there is no road traffic and vertically lifting itself up and fly over any traffic road.
  6. Transportation cost could significantly drop with such electric cars.
  7. Electric cars with such battery and AI technology could help reduce road accidents and prolong the cars’ lifespan.
  8. The new electric cars could have unlimited designs because of the AI and graphene battery.
  9. There will total elimination of IC engines and complete adoption of electric cars based on features made possible with the new battery.
  10. There will be a total reduction of toxic and harmful gases to the environment which will help reduce the current damage of the ozone layer.
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There are other benefits not mentioned here but the real facts remain that if graphene comes into use for battery production lots of things could change regarding the future technologies.




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