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Company Gets Green Light For Drone Food Delivery

The eVTOL Passenger drone

Popular Food Delivering Company in Shanghai has got the benefit of using drones for their services for Green Light license for Drone Food Delivery.

According to the source of information, the company is one of the reputable food delivery agents in the country.

Drone Food Delivery: Grey Quadcopter Drone
Drone Food Delivery

After their long-term hope for the improvement of the drone technology, the company decided to carry out a test with the modern drones to see how effective their operation would be in regard to delivering food to their customers.

The models of quadrotor drones displayed by the firm are to deliver food ordered by their customers directly to their place of work. These drones are autonomous in operation and only need the GPS location of the customer to make accurate delivery without any humans in them.

Bird's Eye View of City Buildings during Sunset

Though fear of mistakes and miscalculations may develop on the side of customers who had already paid for the food, the drones’ test proved that the move will be a successful one.

According to their publication, the company told their customers not to be afraid if they see drones delivering the food ordered to them as the movement and delivery will be monitored through their unit to ensure accurate delivery irrespective of the location of the customer within the country.

Based on their recent go-ahead order and approval, they now believe that their numerous customers can now be satisfied through speed and accurate services without putting their staff under pressure. In that case, the company can now pay more attention to the making of quality food and controlling the drones.

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