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How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future

Future of Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future

When it comes to technology and science in this 21st century the word ‘artificial intelligence’ cannot be left out. In the actual sense, AI is what made the modern technology what it is.  The concept for automation and software control is the center of modern engineering.

There are many areas AI is helping the world and engineers in particular in shaping the future. in no more than 20 years from now we could be having driverless cars on every tared roads across all the countries of the earth.  Based on the series of predictions made by scientists.

Another area is the possibility of highly intelligence robots. According to Hanson robotics and other robot manufacturing group, the next generation of robots could be using artificial brain made from artificial neurons network a combination of electronics and biotechnology system to make robots that could possibly exercise vital functions and display complete independent in terms of reasoning and decision making.

In view of the idea, some however, believed that using Nano technology to incorporate millions of microchips into a single robot memory having complex written computer programs could achieve that without involving the ANN.

Another concept believed that future robots may not need programming rather they will learn what they were thought a system where the robots learn from instructions made either orally or visually. In any of the concept, the truth remains that there could be a huge difference between today’s robots and the future robots.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future
How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future

Agricultural engineering is another area the artificial intelligence is making a great impact. In this field, it is all about robotic machines and not just robots. Special farming machines are springing up recently including electronic gadgets for data collections.

A good example of an electronic device made recently for farming purpose is the “hidden garden sensor” and farmers’ mobile apps.

They help farmers to obtain data like the composition of the soil, the soil pH, available manure, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, among other vital information.

Other impact of AI in agriculture is the making of autonomous machines for farming purpose. Some of the machines were displayed in our previous posts.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future
How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future

Medical sector is another beneficiary of artificial intelligence, from manual surgery to the modern robot surgery technology.

A prediction into the future technology revealed that Nano robots in the form of inserts, ants, worms, etc. could be used by hospitals for treatments.

An expert said such robots could be injected into the blood stream and controlled with a computer to embark on a direct attack against any strange virus found in the bloodstream, besides that, it could be used to inject drugs directly into the parts of the body that need it most.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future
How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The Future

Educational sector had been predicted to be the main focus of the future robotic engineering.

According to the World’s Economic Forum, before the year 2050 there could be teaching robots in every standard schools across the globe.

The function of such robots will be to teach the students as a human teacher would do. The prediction emphasized that such system could be more effective than the current teaching method based on the following facts:

Robots could be using a play and replay feature to teach the students, making it possible to remember and understand easily.

Robots could use visual display like projectors to make emphasis on points while teaching.

The teaching system could force the students to be serious while learning since the robots may have specific time for every section of teaching.


Beside the areas mentioned above, almost every sector in the world today are benefiting from the artificial intelligence while more of its improvements is what awaits us in the future technologies, based on series of predictions received so far.

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