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Features of a Self-Driving Motorbike Made By HONDA(+video)

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Features of a Self-Driving(Driverless) Motorbike Made By HONDA

Self-Driving Motorbike Made By HONDA

It is not a new word anymore nor are we just saying it for the first time. The word ‘Driverless or Self-driving’ simply implies autonomous driving. Having autonomous driving means the ability to drive without any human input such as steering, navigation, horning, breaking, and other activities associated with driving.

The word ‘Driverless and self-driving became dominant over ‘autonomous’ due to the high demand for an explanation of the new concept invented by the auto industries.  Yes, they all mean the same thing.

In other words, we could say that ‘autonomous driving’ means ‘driverless’ as well as ‘self-driving.  The ability of any automobile to drive itself is referred to as self-driving.

Features of a Self-Driving Motorbike Made By HONDA(+video)

 Currently, these terms are no longer new words to lovers of technology who had been following since 2016. We had been dropping information regarding the various concepts made available by many automobile industries regarding their future driverless car, driverless motorbike, and many other future inventions predicted a few years ago.

Those concepts are now becoming a reality as a good number of autonomous vehicles and motorbikes have been made and displayed publicly.  A good example is the recent driverless motorbike made by Honda.

The video of this Honda self-driving motorbike is shown below.  A special power bike made with a high level of safety considerations.

Video of the Self-Driving Motorbike Made By HONDA

This motorbike can be controlled from afar to drive itself and carry out all the functions a rider could have done if not automated. This implies that it could really be seen moving on the road without any human rider on it.

Alternatively, a rider could just rest on the motorbike while the rest of the job is done automatically. All the motorbike needs is to activate its self-driving mode.  Once the self-driving mode of the motorbike is activated, the rider has no other job to do than rest on the bike as it carries out its autonomous driving.

Based on the Honda motorbike test, it could be driven by a rider in addition to its self-driving feature. The hybrid driving features of the motorbike make it ideal for modern use for sensitive riding especially the courier service firms that deal mostly on delivery, dispatch, and forwarding.

In a show display, the motorbike made a 360-degree rotation driving autonomously without any error, and was able to travel for over 100km making bends and taking appropriate tracks on the road while undergoing its test.

Based on the pass marks recorded from the public and indoor testing of this motorbike, the possibility of becoming commercially available any time soon will not be in doubt. Everything is set for Honda to roll out their self-driving motorbike into the market.

From the video you have watched, what do you think about this special motorbike, is there features that need to be included? Are there features we missed to discuss? What do you think about seeing a moving motorbike on the road without anyone in it? We will love to hear from you in the comment section.

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