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Why This New Motorcycle is Indestructible And Changes Shape

Collapsible Heavy Steel Motorcycle

If you are wondering why engineers could design and manufacture such a heavy New Motorcycle instead of the usual simple and light weight Motorcycle, this post has got your answer.

First of all, this motorcycle is similar to every other motorcycle you must have known in the past in terms of purpose and roles in transportation, however, that is not the same when it comes to designs and making.

As the more concepts are coming up in modern engineering every aspects of modern technologies are bringing their own quota towards improving existing technologies, from aeronautical industries, chemical industries, electronics industries, to automobile industries, etc. And motorcycle manufacturing industries fall in the category of the automobile industries.

New Motorcycle: Collapsible Heavy Steel Motorcycle
New Motorcycle: Collapsible Heavy Steel Motorcycle

New concepts are simply new designs made to improve or create a unique look from an already existing technology. It defines the idea of the inventor of the concept. Unlike new technological inventions which means discovery and creation of new technology, concept of designs are simply to improve on such technology.

A cyclist has recently unveiled new motorcycle manufactured based on concept made earlier for it.  The video is a display of the testing.

From the appearance, it forms a unique shape and gives rough look which could be good for a roughrider. The center formed major part of the motorcycle distancing the rider from engine unit and giving high sense of stability during riding.

Based on material, it is made of up of 99% metals with the exception of the tires the rest parts of the motor bike appears to be metal. Though this has lots of benefits to the motorcycle in terms of reduced risk of catching fire, reduced risk of deformation of shape, high strength to absorb impacts and shocks, long life span, and other numerous benefits, it could have the disadvantage of becoming heavier than a conventional motorcycle, poor shaping of the motorcycle, and high cost of purchasing it as well as maintaining it.

In terms of design, it is unique in appearance, compact is shape, simplified rough look, and it is meant to be convertible or collapsible. This simply means that instead of locking the motorcycle after packing, it can just be collapsed to disable it from being used in your absent. It is indeed a new security concept.

Though this design can be improved further as the time progresses, its uniqueness is not in doubt. However, the fear seems to be the high cost of such motorcycle and the fact that not everyone could afford to buy it.

The brand name and manufacturer identity is yet to be known because information supplied to team did not reflect such details.

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