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Features of Newly Discovered Liquid Paint Electric Conductor For Electric Wiring (+video)

Newly-Discovered Liquid Paint Conductor that Can Change Electric Wiring in Future

Features of the Liquid Paint Electric Conductor

Have you ever imagined your wall paint conducting electricity? Do you think it can ever be possible? Even if it is, how safe will it be? These and other related questions will be address in this post.

Electricity has become part of human life. Almost everything we do now depends on electricity. From domestic works to commerce, transportations, production, and lots more. However, electricity cannot be utilized without proper wiring.

Electrical wiring is the conduction of electrical power from its source to the places it is needed. This can be achieved through the use of electric wires(cables).  The term electric wire or electric cable refers to drawn metallic material reduced to significant size and uniform diameter and very long distance in length.

The length of the wire can cover up to 100feet in large-size cable use in power station distribution and around 50feet for small-sized cables meant for lower voltage supply.  The diameter of electric wire can range from 10mm to 0.1mm and each will determine what the wire will be used for. In other words, the diameter of an electric wire determines the area of it applications.

Another consideration of electric wire is the metal use in its making. The two major metals use in making of electric wire are copper and aluminum. Others include silver, nickel, and alloyed metals.

The metal defines the quality of the cable and it areas of application.

Nevertheless, the use of mercury (liquid) to conduct electricity has not been possible for wide applications. Thereby, making it impossible to have a liquid wired circuit in electric wiring.

Recently, a n electronics engineer unveiled a liquid conductor that solidifies and become a paint and continues to conduct electricity. It is basically a paint that can be used for wiring. This paint allows flow of electrons through it just like metal conductors.

After applying the paint, it gradually turns from its liquid state to a solidified paint color the applied surface. It was found that at the solid state the paint continues to transmit power from one point to another.

Details of the name of the new paint conductor have not been made known. It is however believed to become the center of next generation wiring method from the electronics panels’ application to the wiring of buildings, etc.

Before now, making of electronics panels involves embedding of aluminum sheet cut according to the circuit diagrams. This makes it difficult for anyone to make electronic panel even when the circuit diagram is available. The engineers will have to depend on finished panel board to make electronics devices.

However, this paint conductor enables anyone to make panel board according to their own circuit diagram. The procedure is really simple. Just like you are making a hand-printing on a board using the carved sheet, the same applies to the use of the paint conductor. Your painting becomes the circuit diagram as well as the circuit itself.  When used to paint the electric line in the walls it replaces the wires and do the job of electric wires.

The video below shows how the liquid paint conductor works.  Drop your response in the comment section to let us know what you think on this topic.

Video of the Liquid Paint Electric Conductor

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