Latest Design In Fabricated Doors. Do You Need It?

Why You Don’t Need The Latest Design In Fabricated Doors

The need to improve the security of our environment against possible break-in and entry by hoodlums has led to the latest design in fabricated iron doors.

The iron doors which were initially known for their simplicity and rigidity have been modified by welders to include several designs and features some which are good like the designs in the iron sheets use in the doors fabrication have been applauded by everyone within following the aesthetic look they give to the doors after the fabrication and painting jobs has been concluded.

The designs in the fabrication of iron doors hand been increasing as years go by, and some of these design had created an unnecessary cost and increase complexity on the final look of the door after fabrication works had been concluded, among such design is the latest and modern design reigning in Port Harcourt city and some cities in Nigeria.

Latest Design In Fabricated Doors
Made in Nigeria security door

The design has a well fabricated iron door with a designed iron sheet as the door plate and board, while additional protector is being attached to the door at its front hinge, such that the door can be opened while pushing it inward toward the house while the protector attached to the front can be opened by pulling it outward opposite the direction the door was pushed.

This design looks very nice after the fabrication and painting jobs had been concluded, but it creates a complexity look at the building after mounting the door.

Though this design is meant to increase the security of the building by having extra protector attached directly to the door such that before the door will be open the protector attached to it have to be opened first, that is just the thought behind the design.

But considering the fact that most of the buildings that I had seen this type of door fixed on them still have protectors fixed at the normal locations like other buildings especially at the corridors that serve as the entrance to those buildings.

The inclusion of the extra protector at the door hinge beside the one at the entrance of the building made the building designs to appear distorted by creating a complex look for the building.

But this design at the door can still be removed while the high-security features intended for the building can still be maintained now the question is how?

How can the door be fabricated with  simple design with high security on it after fixing?  And other questions in the mind of the fabricator.

Latest Design In Fabricated Doors

made in Nigeria Security door
made in Nigeria Security door

Below are simple Technics to make the door appear simple in its design while giving it a high-security feature:


One of the ways to enhance the security of a door is to fabricate it with a good thick iron sheet.

The iron sheets that most fabricators use in the doors fabrication have thicknesses that ranges from 0.5mm to 1mm, though this thickness cannot be considered as unsafe or insecure, they are actually secured depending on how the fabricator was able to weld them to the frames.

But instead of having another iron rods as protectors attached at the front of the door with these thicknesses of metals, consider increasing the thickness of the metal of the door itself and ensuring a good welding of the metals.


Another way to enhance the door security is by doubling the iron sheets use in its fabrication.

This is the technics that most experienced welders employ when designing and fabricating doors to their clients that are more concern about safety and security of the door.

The method involves inserting two iron sheets one at the front and another at the back while the frame is built around the two iron sheets are strongly welded to the beam or square iron pipes used in forming the frame contact area of the door.

The double pan or iron sheet will increase the rigidity and strength of the door to resist any impact loads during break-in and entry by hoodlums.


Another way to increase the security of the door is by using hinges with high thickness and strength and ensuring the proper welding of the hinges to the door and its static frame.

The hinges will be the first place to get damage if the door is under impact forces before the main door could possibly fall on the ground because it serves as the only link between the door and the frame fixed on the building wall.

For this reason, any door without a quality hinge is already void of security and safety irrespective of the design and quantity of metals used in the fabrication process.


Just as much concern is given to the hinges of the door, same goes to the key locks. The opposite side of the door where the door has a locking slot inserted into the frames have to be as many as possible with metals of good tensile.

Compressive strengths such as steel beams or rods, etc. the more the number of the locking slots the more rigidly fixed the door will be to the frame and the less possibility of the door falling down under impact forces.

That is another method of enhancing the door security that shouldn’t be ignored when putting the security of the door into consideration during design and fabrication process.


Another feature which may not actually be compulsory because of its ugly looks it gives to the door; is the inclusion of external padlocks at the front and back sides of the door as a way of increasing its locking slot with the frame.

Though it is good in terms of security but not all welders apply it because it usually creates an ugly look to the door design.


Hence; the above-mentioned techniques are better ways of improving on the door security instead attaching an extra protector to the door thereby reducing the actual beauty of the door because of the protector.

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