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Top 6 Easy Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors

Made in Nigeria security door

Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors

Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors
Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors

Fabricated doors made by welders are currently the most used doors in the country. Before now, wooden doors are more popular and cheaper. Besides that, wooden doors are also easier to fix than other types of doors.

The need for beauty and security made most builders consider the security doors. Due to the high cost of the imported security doors, customers go after the domestic security doors fabricated by welders in Nigeria.

The domestic or locally made iron doors, offer lots of advantages over the foreign doors especially in the area of costs, installation, maintenance, etc. though some of the domestic doors do have hinge problems, the advantages seem to make the issue a minor one.

Using the doors for a new building will not only make the building look very solid and aesthetic, but it will also make it have a modern look like other buildings around it. 

Though there had been improvements recently in wooden doors due to the decline in demand caused by the fabricated doors.

Builders have not actually thought it necessary to put the wooden doors in the place of iron doors despite the beauty of the wooden if not for any reason, at least for safety/ security purpose.

However, in order to save cost and maintain security standards, some builders prefer using the double frame security iron doors for the entrance and exit routes of the building while the wooden doors will be fixed in all the internal doors spaces. I.e. room doors, kitchen doors, etc.

However, almost every new building has iron doors fixed in its bathroom/toilet. The idea is to reduce the frequency of changing the wooden doors.

If the wooden doors were to be fixed in the bathroom, the continuous soaking with water as the time progresses will make the wood become weak leading to early damage and collapse of the door. Iron door ensures that such does not occur.

We have now seen the importance of iron doors. Maybe it’s time we talk about the installation process. One thing is to buy the doors and another issue is to fix them correctly.

It is very important to hire an expert to fix your doors, otherwise, their durability may not be guaranteed. The material used in making the doors have no problem with who or how the door was fixed, but the hinge alignment does.

In a clear term, when an armature fixes the door, the hinges may not be properly aligned or the vertical/horizontal alignment of the door may not be in its proper position.

This defect cannot be noticed by merely looking at the door after fixing it except when a precision measuring instrument is used example the spirit gauge.

The evidence that shows an incorrect door installation is a rattling sound usually heard when trying to open or close the door.

Other pieces of evidence are; the inability to close properly, frequent cracking of the hinges from the welded joints and uneven spaces between the frame and the door, etc.

When an iron door was fabricated in an incorrect way, it will lead to misalignment which may be very visible by visual inspection, so experts can handle the area of making a choice indoors and how to fix it.

Meanwhile, in a situation where no one is there to fix the door for you and you want to pack into your house as fast as possible.

Made in Nigeria security door
Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors: Made in Nigeria security door

Top 6 Easy Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors

Here are some steps you should take to fix the iron doors and pack them into your new building:

  1. The first step is to inspect the doors and ensure they have a perfect alignment with the frames. Most fabricated doors do have a small iron pipe/rod attached to the frame at the center of the outer side of the frames. The welded piece of metal can be four pieces, two on the upper side and two at the lower side as shown by the picture below.Top 6 Easy Steps To Fix Made-in-Nigeria Security Iron Doors
  2. Take the measurement of the door frame to ensure, it corresponds to the space in the building. If every side of the frame tarries with the space in the building, then use a chisel and a hammer to break some portions off the building to help the anchoring iron pipe/rods attached to the frame enter inside properly. Where a large clearance exists between the frame and the door space, fill it up with stones or broken blocks.
  3. Use a spirit plumb or spirit gauge to align the door to the nearest accuracy possible. At that spot, use woods or anything to hold the door in a stationary position ensuring it does not shift or lose its alignment.
  4. Prepare a mortar consisting of sharp sand, cement, gravel, or stones at the appropriate ratio. (Sometimes using 25kg of cement for 1 wheelbarrow of sand and a ¼ wheelbarrow of stones can work). If you are using stones or gravel, it should be hammered to pieces such that entering into the frame spaces wouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Use the mortar to fill up all the holes/spaces between the door frame and the building wall. Do not apply the mortar with pressure otherwise, you may shift it from its alignment made earlier.
  6. Allow the concrete (mortar) to solidify in its position. This ensures a rigid connection between the door frame and the building wall.

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