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Reinforcement bars: Number Of Steel Rods That Can Build A House & The Total Cost

steel bars and building rods

Understanding The Number Of Steel Rods That Can Build A House

Though this very topic has not been touched on for a very long time now, the need to discuss it cannot be neglected based on the fact that most visitors like you are interested in information about building a house.

Building projects can be confusing to know the exact amount involved to get the whole project completed. However, if every calculation is done right, someone could actually give an estimate of the money involved to get the house completed.

Calculating for number of blocks, number of bags of cement, number of laborers, number of roofing sheets, number of ceilings, number of wire bundles, number of window frames, number of doors, number of tiles, number of woods, and number of almost everything involved in the building project is not someone could do quickly and get an accurate result.

It requires a relaxed mind and analytical ability to carefully examine the number of every item involved in the project, get their market price, and charges for labor before getting to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, among all the number of items that need this calculation, the number of reinforcement bars is not exempted.

Reinforcement bars popularly known as building rods play vital roles in any house both during the building project and after the building project. It is like the bones that formed the skeleton of your house.

Reinforcement bars play the roles according to their name, it reinforces the strength of your house, give the house extra strength and strengthen its internal connections.

Reinforcement bars also provide opportunities to make some impossible shapes in house designs to become possible.

It works together with concrete to provide arch, lintels, and chaining frames around buildings which could not be achieved by using only the concrete of blocks.

In the building upstairs, reinforcement bars will determine the strength of your house alongside the quality of concrete used.

These enormous roles of reinforcement bars have made it impossible to ignore in any building project. But knowing the number of reinforcement bars you need, the sizes, as well as the cost is something that most people can give hardly give you accurate information.

As a builder, you need to know the number of reinforcement bars your house will take and the sizes as well as the price of each size.

This post will give you details on how to know how many reinforcement bars you need in any size of house you are building. All you need to do is to relax and read every detail on this page carefully.

Number Of Steel Rods That Can Build A House: steel bars and building rods
steel bars and building rods

We are going to use the building of a three-bedroom flat as an example. A three-bedroom flat could be having the following:

Seven to eight windows

Ten to eleven doors

Three to four balconies and an internal arch

Two pillars for the gate

Reinforced sucker way

These areas mentioned above require a good number of reinforcement bars. The foundation of the house may not need reinforcement if you are building it on good soil however you will need to make concrete flooring for it.

For good results, if you are trying to save money and still maintain the safety of your house, it is better to use 12mm reinforcement bars and bind them in good numbers than using anything less such as 10mm, 8mm, etc. however if you have enough money and want total assurance of strength and very rigid house you can go for reinforcement bars higher than 12mm.

To know the number of reinforcement bars you need, calculate the height of your gate pillars, the length of each lintel for windows and doors, calculate the length of each arch in the house, and the size of your sucker way pit and the reinforcement it needs.

Most gate pillars with 12mm enforcement bars are bundled with six pieces or eight pieces of the rods on each pillar. This simply implies that you will need about 12 to 16 pieces of 12 mmm reinforcement bar at the length of about 14 to 18 feet for the gate pillars.

Most windows measure 4 feet wide, the lintel should be about 6feet or 8feet.  Each lintel has four 12mm reinforcement bars bundled together. This implies that each lintel will take a minimum of 4 pieces of 6 feet 12mm reinforcement bar.

If we stretch it out on a single length it becomes (6 x 4 = 28feet). This means every window lintel will take a minimum of 24 feet length of 12mm reinforcement bars.

Now calculate the number of lintels your building will carry and multiply it by 24feet to get the overall length of reinforcement bar required for all lintel work.

Let us assume 15 lintels for doors and windows, 24feet x 15 = 360feet length of 12mm reinforcement bars.

When you want to buy reinforcement bars, add the length of each piece until you are able to obtain a total of 360 feet in length, the number of reinforcement bars that gave you that length is the number of rods you need to buy for your lintels.

Let us assume the market price of each piece of 12mm reinforcement bar is N2000, and a total of 16pieces gave you 360feet length.

It means you will spend N2000 x 16 = N32,000 for a 12mm reinforcement bar that will be used for the 15 lintels of doors and windows that your building will carry.

At this stage, we have successfully obtained the number of 12mm reinforcement bars for 15 lintels and the total cost. You can now apply similar technics in calculating the gate pillars, arch, and sucker way reinforcement bars.

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