Top 5 Procedures on How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

When it comes to typing work, it appears to be easy. But when it comes to inserting links into such work, only few may know the steps for it. Typing and creating a document using Microsoft word had never been a tedious job, however, it is not a simplest or easiest work either.

How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document
How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

The aim of creating a document with a Microsoft word varies. Some are for a personal document like curriculum vitae (CV), and application letter or official document like the company memo, price list, and job procedures, etc. the intended use of the document will determine how serious it will be taken when creating it using the MS word. 

There are documents that may appear easy to create but when initiated on the workspace, it will appear almost impossible except an extra understanding of the software is given to the operator.

The proper understanding of the software workspace and all the functions associated with each button is the key to creating a professionally-looking documents ideal for cooperate use.

A good secretary or employee must be acquitted with all the basics and advanced functionalities of the Microsoft word because that will eliminate hiring an expert for a job one of the staff could do.

I want to give a little hint on how you can insert a link in any document created or imported into the Microsoft word’s working space.

But before I proceed, why do you need to add a link in a document while typing or editing it? What is the need of links in a document? These and more can be a question in someone’s mind. To give an answer to them, read the below paragraph properly.

Documents are created or edited in the software for the purpose of using in a hardcopy format or in a softcopy format. While creating a document for hardcopy links will not be necessary because the document will be printed out after the whole process.

Meanwhile, when it comes to creating a document for software applications like creating an E-book, email content, online CV, online Application letter, blog post, website contents, and online magazines, etc.

Inserting links to online documents helps to bring all your sources and other documents bearing the links together.

However, knowing how to do this had been a major problem for most users of the Microsoft word. It is very necessary to know it and employ it in all you’re writing and editing job while using the software to make your online content.

How To Insert Links In A MsWord Document

Below are procedures you need to take while creating links in any document in the software:

At the workspace of the Microsoft word, highlight the word, sentence, or phrase you need to insert the document using the illustrations revealed in the images below. The red arrow reveals how you should highlight any section you wish to insert the link. 

 Top 5 Procedures on How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

The next step is to locate the insert column located above the workspace of the Microsoft word. The “insert” can be seen from the red arrow showing in the image below.

Top 5 Procedures on How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

The next step is to locate the “Hyperlink” button once the “insert” column opens. There are other similar buttons in the same roll which may confuse you. The red arrow in the image below will show you the exact button.

Top 5 Procedures on How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

The next step is to click on the “Hyperlink” button twice. A pop-up will show up from your computer asking you to insert the file from the lists of files in your computer.

Instead of selecting a file paste the link of the webpage or any online document into the roll space below the pop-up form as indicated by the red arrow in the image below.

Also, use the top roll space shown by the blue arrow to write the words you may want to bear the link in your document other than the one you had already highlighted in step one.

This last step is optional and not needed if you had already selected the words from the document.

Top 5 Procedures on How To Insert a HyperLink in Ms Word Document

After the step four, click the “ok” button to save the link you have created in the document. The pop-up will disappear and you will be returned to the workspace again to proceed with other works like typing or editing, etc.

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