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Arc Welding Machine - 200 amps Turbo Line Electric

Understanding the prices of different categories of welding machines in the Nigerian markets will help in making decisions on the type to be used in setting up any kind of business that will involve welding operations.

Welding had been a crucial operation in the whole engineering jobs and will continue to be a base for most construction and fabrication works. From the popular application of welding operations in domestic materials like protectors, doors, and gates, etc. welding has become a major operation in the construction industries which almost all the sectors of engineering are benefitting from it. The machines made from properly designed and welded joints of various parts brought together, are part of machines used by many industries in various areas of engineering.


A good example of such machines is the block molding machine used in civil engineering for the molding and vibration of blocks for building purpose. Another example is the tractor shovels which some of the locally made types are formed through welding operations and such finds its application in the mechanized agricultural farming. These and more other examples are areas welding is playing important roles in today’s engineering.


 The prices of welding machines have not affected its demand in any way within the country. Despite the increasing market price, the introduction of new welding machine brands, and the grading patterns of the machines, etc. the demand has been at a stable rate. The reason for such steady demand could be attributed to the following factors:

Some of the welding machines do not last long when put to use.

Some companies now buy welding machine and train or employ a staff to have a welding skill for the purpose of handling any domestic welding problems or in emergency situations that may require welding.

Due to the high rate of unemployment, some unemployed graduates now undergo welding training and set up welding workshops or its related ventures.

There had been a continuous increase in the number of welders within the country.

These reasons and more others are why the demand for welding machines has been at it stable rate despite increasing cost.

There are different types of welding machines in Nigerian markets currently ranging from small to the biggest sizes. But for the purpose of clarity, I will be focusing on the small welding machines not meant for industrial applications. The reason for focusing on the prices of the small types is to avoid confusing the readers with the numerous brands and prices of the giant welding machines meant for industrial uses, such will be a topic for next article publication.

Based on the small types of welding machines, they are of two categories;

The Made in Nigeria welding machine &

The imported welding machines



Knowing and understanding how the made in Nigeria welding machines works will help in making the decision regarding the quality and whether to buy it or not. When it comes to making a choice on the welding machine someone should buy in the market, it will be based on the nature of work the machine will be used for, the expected lifespan of the machine, and the available finance at buyer’s possession.

The welding machines made in Nigeria can be found directly from the manufacturers in places like Onitsha head bridge market and Aba markets mainly at Port Harcourt road in Aba city. These places are where the machines are sold in large quantity and at the lesser price than other markets within the country.

Though other cities within the country also have welding machine manufacturers most of them barely produce in large quantity.

The good aspect of the made in Nigeria welding machine is simplicity, durability, lesser cost, and easy repair or maintenance, etc. the machine has simple design making it simple for winding and rewinding during maintenance operations. So far, the welding machine has recorded a longer lifespan than some imported types of the same size. Above all, the machine costs less than the imported types of the same category.


There are two types of made in Nigeria welding machines, though having similar appearance the machine can be classified as either copper coil welding machine or aluminum coil welding machine.

The copper coil welding machine is costlier than aluminum type, it is more durable and has lesser size than the aluminum type. However, it appears as though the aluminum coil welding machine has higher power out for welding jobs than the copper coil welding machine, though yet to be proved.

The price of an original made in Nigeria copper coil welding machine is between N25,000 to N40,000 based on the size and power output. Meanwhile, the price of aluminum coil welding machine made in Nigeria should be within N12,000 to N20,000 depending on its size and power output.


When it comes to imported welding machines issues such as power output, brand name, the country that manufactured the machine, voltage bearing capacity, size, and coil materials, etc. will always affect the cost of the machine.

Despite some criticisms among the welders made in China welding machines, some of them cost even lesser than expected to make some to patronize it. However, welding machines made in Germany, Japan, and other countries do cost higher and in some cases, their prices could be very discouraging for welders that are not buoyant enough for such price.

With over 100 classes of imported welding machines in the market recently, l will like to detail the price to the most demanding and commonly used among commercial welders in Nigeria and the class is based on its current bearing capacity.

Based on market research, all the imported welding machines from Asian countries including China having the current rating within 180A to 350A are sold between N40,000 to N50,000 in Nigeria markets at their retailing prices. While those from other countries like Germany, the US, and France, etc. cost higher because some marketers claim they are more durable.

Based on the above details, it is necessary to always access any welding machine physically before buying it, and test their welding capacity and the coil material to avoid disappointment when the machine is put into use. Knowing the nature of work you will be using the machine for will help to minimize cost since welding machines for plates not bigger than 5mm thickness will cost less than those meant to weld up to 12mm thick plate.

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