Fantastic Dynamic Features of Headless Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics

Features of Headless Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics

Fantastic Dynamic Features of Headless Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics
Features of Headless Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics
Features of Headless Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has not given up on the making of special robots, especially the humanoids. Known to be among the top manufacturers of AI robots, the firm released a video coverage of one of its unique artificial intelligence robots earlier this year.

The video showcased the unique skill of the robot which had been spreading from one social media to another. Fans of the latest technologies had been sharing the video to bring the notice of many individuals to it just like that of the Sophia robot.

Just a few months after its release, the video has received over 400,000 views and still counting. The humanoid was stated by its producers, to possess the ability to do virtually everything humans can do. There may not be doubt in that regard based on the physical actions the robot was able to do in the video.

However, when it comes to overall intelligence such as speech, vocal recognition, facial recognition, and decision making, etc. one may hardly place the robot above the popular Sophia that completely mimics humans in every aspect but not in actions found in this Boston dynamic robot.

Besides the numerous exercises the robot can perform, the most amazing is the backflip. From a height of about 3 feet above the ground, it was able to make a quick and perfect backflip covering over 180 degrees’ rotation to land on the lower floor without any sign of instability or damage of parts.

Though little had been said about this special robots, experts believed that Boston robotics deserve a kudos in that regard.

While still in the development stage, if its working principle is completely included into it; coupled with special AI for reasoning. The tendency of becoming superior in every aspect against other humanoids will be very possible.

There are other robots with similar appearance and stable feature, but few had been shown with a video record making such a quick backflip. Though, not pointed as the intended benefit, robots such as this; can help in rescue missions because of its strength and stability.

The appearance of the Boston dynamic robot has shown the main area of focus while developing the robot. Unlike other humanoids, head, artificial skin, and other vital parts of the humans are completely absent in it, except the presence of the two legs, two arms, fingers, and stomach. Despite the incomplete nature of its humanoid appearance, it has demonstrated features that showed the main area of focus of the developers which is strength, stability, and intelligence.

Though the video did not say much about the control aspect of the robot. It may be a self-stated-comment to say it operates autonomously. That is, working completely with AI. Robots with special features like this one may become programmable for different tasks using the AI technology.

Its ability to make speed backward-running and that of forward-running placed it superior over most humans with few exercising skills, especially the stability in carrying out some physical exercises such as the ones mentioned earlier.

This robot has amazing backflip skills

— Mashable (@mashable) September 6, 2018

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