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Powerful Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills

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Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills

Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills
Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills

Driverless cars are autonomous cars meant for a robotic drive. In other words, any car that can drive itself on the road without human support is an autonomous car known as a driverless car.

The idea for such cars to dominate the existing ones has been a new trend of technology that the automakers are now focusing on.

The last prediction made by the World Economic Forum is that, by the year 2030; humanoids would have acquired the skill that can make them drive cars. The prediction has brought the humanoids and driverless cars into a single platform of technological advancement.

Driverless cars’ inventions cannot be far from now. That is if it is not already in place. Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Honda, and other new automakers had on different occasions revealed the concept of their driverless car designs.

While some have already made theirs and subject it to road testing, others are yet to produce a sample of their concept as a prototype.

Using the one made as a prototype, the firms can then embark on mass production once the prototypes record a high level of acceptable performance.

Based on details released earlier online, Autonomous cars will use GPS location tracking and maps as the software support unit.

While sensors and artificial intelligence technology will help the robotic driving and commanding aspects of the cars. If there will be other ways such cars will operate, then the details can be released later.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence dominates the major technology that can be found in the car.

“Cars without a driver can be very dangerous on the road” according to the previous blog post comment argument regarding the technology. Can that be true?

If we consider the approach the auto manufacturers are using.

In my own opinion, I think AI is here to make life easy and safer and the car producers are making every effort to make their cars even safer than humans could imagine using the new technologies that are coming into existence.

There are lots of benefits we can get from autonomous technology which is made possible with AI.

Though some people will still find it difficult to trust AI-based on safety reasons, issues as such remain the main area of focus for the engineers in the production line.

If we can trust our television to give a signal when we need it if we can trust our mobile phones to make calls when we need them, can’t we trust a driverless car operating with sensors, computer programs, apps, and speed internet access?

Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills
Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills

Despite the possible result obtainable in driverless cars, the makers of humanoids are not backing down in their quest to place humanoids as the most sort after in the market of AI machines.

HANSON ROBOTICS, The makers of the popular humanoid “Sophia” had said earlier that future AI robots in a humanoid category will be superior to the award-winning Sophia robot.

They will use machine learning and an integrated artificial brain to improve the features of the next generation of humanoids.

Just while the revelation is ongoing, the W.E.F. (World Economic Forum) made a prediction released using a video coverage that humanoids could possibly be able to drive cars before 2030 which is 12 years away from now.

The prediction, however, appears to be too far since some robots of the same category can be seen with video coverage riding bikes, running, and making facial and object recognition.

That implies that truly the prediction may become a reality before that time.

The question now is if the robots succeed in learning how to drive cars before the year 2030 and only realize that cars no longer need drivers, what will happen to their driving skills?

In the real sense, two technologies that may contradict or render one useless are on the pinnacle of coming into existence before the next 12 years. Which of the technologies shall we buy?

Should we buy humanoids to drive our cars or we should buy cars that need no driver, i.e. if the two become commercialized? This implies that the future may not actually need the humanoid’s driving skills.

Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills
Ways Driverless Cars Can Retire Human Driving Skills

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