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Benefits of Laser Technology & Its Applications In Industrial Machines

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The laser is a modern technology usually applied in modern devices and machines for some specific functions. A laser device usually has an emission of light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiations in it.

Generally, laser can be referred to as “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” which is where the name LASER came from. The laser technology started when Theodore H. Maiman built the first Laser device in the year 1960 at the Hughes Research Laboratories based on the theoretical works of Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow.

The emission of light in Laser device is quite different from that of others like the normal searchlights. The emission is usually coherent and with high energy wavelength. The light source in laser is usually  energized into a powerful, focused and penetrating radiation light due to the introduction of electromagnetic radiations into the light source assisted by the multiple bouncing and re-bouncing of the light in the device such as mirrors, due to these reactions being assisted by the radiation energizer elements the light beams will acquire a very high heat intensity inside it and a tiny opening will be created on the device to enable the highly energetic light wave to pass through thereby forming a highly focused and penetrative radiative power.

Laser technology had been applied in several areas of the science and technology including common devices meant for human use. Such include:

  • Security laser beams for securing a place against the unauthorized entrance.
  • For optical temperature and speed detecting devices.
  • Laser pointers for teaching and illustrations.
  • For laser printing technology.
  • For the modern telescopes used by the space centers to compensate for the blurring effects of the earth atmosphere.
  • It is also used for Laser links in point to point wireless network.
  • It is applied in the continuous wave operation, an example is the mercury laser Altimeter (MLA) for the Messenger spacecraft.

Benefits of Laser Technology & Its Applications In Industrial Machines

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These and more were the technologies Laser has been applied.

However, when it comes to industrial applications such as the manufacturing industries, construction industries and oil and gas industries, Laser technology has also found its uses in those sectors. The evidence of such is the introduction of the following modern machines for these categories of industries:

  • Laser Fiber cutting machines: these are industrial machines built for the sole purpose of cutting materials of any kind using a highly penetrating and focused beam of light. It differs from the conventional cutting machines due to the fact that it does not use any cutting tool. And the laser fiber cutting machine differs from the normal industrial laser cutting machine due to its flexibility property which enables it to be bent in any direction to carry-out its operation.
  • Laser welding machines: Just as the name implies, the machine can carry out welding jobs using the beams from it to melt the component metals and the electrodes causing fusion to exist in the welded joints. A lot can be said in regard to this aspect of the technology later.
  • Laser marking machines: The laser machine is used for precision marking and specifying of locations. It may not actually penetrate the device but may leave a remark sign for indication purposes.
  • Laser industrial cutters: The industrial laser cutter was the first and most popular among others, the machine performs the basic function in the cutting jobs but instead of a cutting tool, it uses a beam of light.

The machines specified above have their functions according to their specific radiation capacities. Those and more are the machines made from the laser technology for industrial uses so far. Meanwhile, we will be discussing the benefits that this new technology offers against the existing ones which are highlighted below:


  1. THEY OPERATE SILENTLY: noise is a serious factor in the industries because of the serious noise usually generated from the machines being used in carrying out various jobs, but the laser technology has brought another approach to that by having machines that can carry out their functions silently without the need to wear earplug or earmuff.
  2. AFTER THE INITIAL COST OF ACQUIRING THEM, THEIR OPERATIONAL COST IS LOWER: just like any new technology, the cost of acquiring laser machines for industrial uses may be higher than the conventional types but their operational cost is cheaper on the long run. The reasons for their lower running cost could arise from their ability to carry out their jobs without cutting tools like the cutting disc or flame touch for gas cutting.
  3. THEY OPERATE WITH PRECISIONS: There may be less mistake in the jobs carried out by these machines due to some automation and modern technological features embedded in them.
  4. THEIR WORK CAN BE NEATER: yes, neat works requires neat cutting tools, if the work will be cut be a beam of light it will leave the cut edges neat.
  5. LOW LEVEL OF CHIPS CREATION: chips and filings of particles are usually created during machine operations in the industries, but using the Laser machines can make it be less.
  6. THEY CAN OPERATE ON BOTH METALS AND NON-METALS: the beam has its penetrating power rating, it does not know which is metal or non-metal, so penetration can exist even on plastics, ceramics, and fibers, etc. hence the functions of the machines are extensive.
  7. MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: besides the lower operational cost, machines’ parts and component were made with modern technology to last for a long time. So generally the frequency of developing faults is very low.
  8. THE DIODES OF THE LASER MARKER CAN HAVE A LIFETIME OF OVER 100,000HOURS: The diodes used by the laser marking machine has been found to last for over 100,000 hours which is equivalent to 4,167 days, that is equivalent to 11 years operations, such a long lifespan which could cover any cost for its initial possessions.
  9. THE MARKS MADE BY THE LASER MAKER HAS HIGH QUALITY AND IS USUALLY PERMANENT: the laser marker has been found to have high-quality markings such that some of the markings can be made to become permanent according to settings.

The items listed above may not be the only benefits or available laser machines, therefore, personal omissions and additions will be added, so do help us by dropping a comment in regard to the post.



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