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Powerful Features of Shelling/Slicing Machine You Can Fabricate at Home (video)

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Shelling/Slicing Machine You Can Fabricate at Home

Shelling/Slicing Machine You Can Fabricate at Home
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When it comes to slicing fruits not everyone finds it an easy job. Depending on the type of fruit and quantity involve, it can be easy for some individuals but definitely not everyone.

Fruits such as pawpaw, pineapple, watermelon, and cucumber may be easier when compared to slicing carrots, fruit bread, apples, potatoes, and lots more.

Assuming you are to make a fruit juice or prepare a salad in large quantity and needs lots of fruit slicing then the use of this machine comes into play.

With little skill in design and fabrications, you can make a simple fruit slicing machine for your kitchen.

This can be a bit different from the one you will see in the market. The slicing machine in this post was made with alloyed stainless metallic material and operates manually.

Though larger and occupies more space, this machine can slice a full bucket of hard fruits within an hour depending on the speed of the operator.

The faster the operator, the more volume it can slice within a short time.

It is a table-stand machine with a single reciprocating handle to push the slicer forward and backward.

By design, the machine consists of only the slicer and the pushing part of the handle as the main dynamic and working unit the rest are the walls and handling units holding the parts.

It works by pressing the fruit against the slicer through the pushing handle.

Once the fruit is placed in position, the handle forces the plunging arm to push the fruit against the static slicer thereby slicing the fruit according to the slicing edges of the slicer.

The force makes the sliced fruits exit the machine’s interior and fall outside.

This simple machine can be applied in slicing almost any kind of fruit. And can be extended by design to work with an electric motor instead of manual operations.

A Video Showing the Shelling/Slicing Machine You Can Fabricate at Home

Below is a demonstration of how the machine works:

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