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Latest Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria

Cable wire

Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria

Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria: Cable wire
Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria: Cable wire


Wiring has got a new dimension with the entrance of recline wires into the Nigeria electrical markets.

The uniquely designed electrical cable got its popularity within the year 2010 and above.

Though the full benefits recline wires offer against the conventional cables were not clear to everyone, many see the new design as the same as the existing type of its category, hence, see no reason in patronizing it coupled it its higher cost of purchase.

Recline wires are aluminum wires used to distribute electrical power from the public electrical poles to buildings.

Before the existence of recline, a similar category of wires like recline bearing the same size, the number of unit wire and insulation size had been in use for directing electrical power supply to houses.

The actual difference between recline and the existing type of its category is basically the way they appear.

Recline wires are made to have four lines in a single roll, which means that a single roll of recline bears four separate cables systematically twisted together to form a single distribution line.

The initial wire of its category is sold as a single line only without any other line attached to it.

For that reason, the line is usually sold in yards with a single yard selling within N100 to N200 depending on the size. However, the selling method of recline wires is different, recline wires are measured per meter.

When you want to buy a recline wire, the single roll of four-in-one wires will be drawn out and measured per meter until the required meters have been counted, the price will be billed by totally the price per meter to the total number of meters requested by the customer.

Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria
Prices Of Recline Wires In Nigeria


The most popular grade of recline wire used mostly for residential buildings is the 25mm grade. The grade can be bought at the price of N600 to N800 per meter from a wholesaler but up to N700 from local dealers.


Recline wire is currently competing intensely with the existing cable meant for the same purpose, however, the high patronage of recline can be attributed to its perceived advantages against the existing cable of its category.

Here are a few benefits using recline wire could offer:

  1. Recline wires do not provide a means of tapping the light illegally, in the case where the electrical lines have to pass through the bush.
  2. There is uniformity along the four lines during power distribution, therefore sparks, discontinuity, and low voltage supply are not particularly with the recline wires.
  3. Some people claim that the necked aluminum wires which are usually 7 pieces in every single wire, used in the making of recline wires are stronger and of better quality than the previous wires used to connect the light to buildings.
  4. The plastic insulator used in the outer layer of recline wires is thicker and stronger than the existing cables. The evidence of such can be seen when using a plier to open any of the two cables.
  5. So far, recline wires had proven durable while in use because of the low record of melting of its insulators or breaking up as a result of overloading. A fault very common on the other cables.
  6. Recline creates a good appearance to the building by minimizing space and allowing the beauty of the house to be seen clearly.
  7. Recline wire is the best for underground wiring because it runs in a single line and does not melt its insulators easily even under overloading condition.
  8. it reduces the possibility of electric shocks after wiring since no necked joining can be found along the lines of the recline wire.
  9. Recline wire can become the best option for any place that has an overload in its electrical power supplying line by joining two lines of the wires as a single line, thereby reducing the four wires in the roll to two lines by making each line two-in-one so that the load-bearing capacity can be improved.
  10. Recline can still be sold at a reasonable price after using them for a short-time purpose while the conventional wires of its category have no such value.
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