5 Major Disadvantages of Small Generators and Why They Can Stop Giving out Light

Why You Need To Know The Disadvantages of Small Generators

Small petrol generators like the popular “I beta pass my Nebo” in Nigerian slang, have become the most dominant generator for low-income earners and some average citizens.

Most barbing salons prefer using the generator for economic purposes.

The generator immediately dominated the giant types upon its entrance into the Nigerian market in early 2002 due to the huge difference in price it has when compared to the bigger types.

Disadvantages of Small Generators
Disadvantages of Small Generators

The generator had been discovered to be more economical when using it for electric supply where the workload will not be much.

Standard small petrol generators can carry about 3 electric fans, 5 electric bulbs, two clippers, and other accessories plugged into a socket.

The minimum and manageable workloads it carries makes it become a good option for barbing salon owners.

Disadvantages of Small Generators
Disadvantages of Small Generators

The generator has been discovered to consume less fuel per hour when compared to the bigger petrol generators.

Filling up the tank of the small generator can leave it operating for hours with just 4-5 liters of petrol.

Fiber fillers and painters use the generator to power their small electric machines for economic reasons and for easy mobility.

Despite the good aspect of the generator, it still has a few disadvantages just like any other machine.

The Major Disadvantages of Small Generators

Some of the major disadvantages of the small generator known as “I beta pass my Nebo” are:

  1. Power discontinuity: this is a situation where the generator will be running but cannot release any voltage in its output socket. It is the common fault we shall be discussing in detail and how to trace it and possibly fix it.
  2. Overheating: small generators’ combustion & exhaust unit made with improper metallic alloy, will always experience overheating each time it operates for hours. Generators found to be having this problem usually get the plug’s top plastic guard melted after a few operations. Besides that, it can also lead to untimely damage to the combustion unit when not properly managed.
  3. Lack of durability of some parts: the small generators have numerous small parts and these parts were made with non-metallic materials therefore during the generator lifespan those parts quickly got melted, break and wear away, a good example of such is the supports rubbers located at the base of the generators.
  4. Low workload capacity: small generators usually carry low workloads which serves as their limitation or disadvantage over big generators. The workload capacity is not a fault but according to the overall manufacturer’s design and power output rating.
  5. Frequent servicing: the small generators have the disadvantage of having regular technical malfunctioning when compared with the big petrol generators. The evidence of that can be seen from the duration of warranty offered by the manufacturers of the small generators which does not exceed 6 months.

These disadvantages that the generator has does not make it less important because of its other numerous advantages.

Let us discuss in detail the causes of the power discontinuity.

Why The Small Generators Can Stop Giving out Light

The small generators usually come with a small red pin button below or beside the power output socket, the function of the button is to trip the power off whenever the workload exceeds that of the generator capacity.

The button serves as an emergency power disconnector when excess appliances have been plugged into the generator power line. The purpose of such a button is to prevent untimely damage to the armature coil of the generator.

Besides the above cause of power discontinuity in the generator, any other cause can be a major issue and may be caused by these two major parts of the generator; the armature coil and its capacitor.

When one or both parts mentioned have got burnt, it will be difficult for the generator to give out power even when the generator is running smoothly.

The major cause of such a problem is when the emergency button has been removed in a way of increasing the workload capacity of the generator, in that case, the excess load will cause the coil or its capacitor to get burnt.

The only way to work it is by changing the capacitor, rewinding the coil, or buying a new one.


The above explanation has really answered the question of the Major Disadvantages of Small Generators and Why small generators Can Stop Giving out Light. However, if you have other questions not answered in this post as regards the information you seek. Please use the comment section to give us feedback.

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