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Ehang 184 Flying Vehicle Now Has New Features And Improvement

EHANG 184 driverless passenger drone

The popular flying vehicle known as EHANG 184 made by a Chinese company was displayed in the CES 2016 show and welcomed tremendous ovations from the lovers of technology based on the unique function, appearance, and functionalities of the vehicle.

The vehicle came into the world of technology like a surprise to many and has many promising future uses which will not only make the vehicle popular but will potentially displace helicopters and mobile vehicles since it offers the feature that combines the two popular and already existing vehicles.

During the previous videos of the early development of the vehicle, the engineers were believed to had been emulating the working principles of the quadrotor drone and used it for the vehicle development.

The videos revealed lots of technical difficulties encountered by the engineers during the making such that they learned through series of trial and errors as revealed by the vehicle and that helped in perfecting the vehicle to its stable state. It is the first of it kind, based on previous posts regarding the vehicle the features were amazing and welcoming to any modern technology fan.

Notwithstanding the amazing features of the early design, few questions were asked in regard to the safety of the vehicle which the firm provided an answer to.

The makers of the promising vehicle have also gone ahead to add others features to improve the usability and safety of the vehicle which includes;

The ability to carry two passengers which led to the increase in size.

The addition of more electric motors and changing of its initial quadrotor electric motors arrangement to hexagonal electric motors arrangement. The new arrangement made the vehicle to have extra two electric motors added to it helping it to have improved performance and stability.

The new design has two doors that can be opened on the two sides for both passengers which seems to be unavailable in the existing design.

More safety features were seen during the flight made by two passengers using the vehicle with the latest design.

Ehang 184 manufacturers are determined to make the vehicle the next world’s super transport system.

The benefits obtainable from the vehicle are enormous;

Firstly it is an electric vehicle which is rechargeable, built with long life durable rechargeable batteries that could sustain the vehicle for a long time in the air.

The initial design has the potential of the lifting the weight that is up to 200 pounds which include the passenger, the new design may have exceeded that weight capacity.

The vehicle can fly and land directly at your door step without any human interference which is an ideal transport system for those seeking privacy and quick transportation.

There is no issue like road traffic or delayed freight, the owner is fully in charge of the operations of the vehicle.

It is driverless, in other words; it is an autonomous vehicle that drives itself. The passenger will only need to specify their direction of freight using a screen tab located opposite the passenger.

The GPS system helps the vehicle to automatically fly to the specified location of the passenger and will perform other functions like the landing and taking off operations.

It offers no environmental hazard in regard to pollutions.

It is indeed a wonderful technology that the world will embrace soon. Below is a video of a successful freight made by the new EHANG 184 flying vehicle.

The 184 aerial #autonomous vehicle flies with two people! >> @eHang via @MikeQuindazzi >> #AI #MachineLearning #Drones #ArtificialIntelligence #Drone #Robotics #China

— Mike Quindazzi ✨ (@MikeQuindazzi) June 1, 2018

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