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Top 3 Basic Kind Of Energy Meter Calibrator


What is Energy Meter Calibrator?

Energy Meter Calibrator
Energy Meter Calibrator

Energy meter calibration is an important task for the asset owner or a calibration laboratory. It is a wide known tool in the calibration job for energy. Energy Meter Calibrator aids to evaluate the energy and properly calibrate the energy metering tools to read accurately in terms of energy level measurements.

When To Use Energy Meter Calibrator

Before using the Energy Meter Calibrator, an individual requires to understand test environment and what kinds of tests are required to be carried out by the energy meter calibrator.

This kind of evaluation is very necessary to be able to set and position the Energy Meter Calibrator in such a way designed for such purpose.

As a multi-purpose equipment whose accuracy is very important, the Energy Meter Calibrator is usually use when all the supposed data about the energy meter/tool to be calibrated have been received. The information about the energy measuring will be very useful in helping for the right use of the Energy Meter Calibrator.

Effects of Calibrating online

Unlike the laboratory calibration which the Energy Meter Calibrator is usually employed, the Online calibration is not actually calibration. Because you are going to test the energy meter at the instantaneous load.

Besides, online calibration may be adoptable as some points but really comparable to the laboratory calibration where necessary calibration tools are available.

Calibrating in the Laboratory

Laboratory calibration is well-known and popular method of calibration not just fo the popularity but also for its good record of accuracy and stability. Such calibration s done in the right environment suitable for calibration because all the supportive tools are physically available in the laboratory.

For electronic and electrical energy measuring equipment calibration, the Laboratory calibration requires a three-phase source having capability to simulate loading condition. It should have variable and programmable current and the voltage source.

One requires a higher accuracy reference standard meter. Some reference meters have the direct connection up to a certain limit and then one has to use the current clamp.

Optical pulse transducer is required to pick up optical pulse output from the meter under test.


There are many information available regarding the Energy Meter Calibrator, the above serves as summarized information regarding this operation and its tools. However, if you need further information regarding Energy Meter Calibrator, you can drop your feedback through the comment section.

Meanwhile, for your requirement specifications on the right kind of Energy Meter Calibrator you should use for your calibration work, please contact us further with your application information.

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Top 3 Basic Kind Of Energy Meter Calibrator

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