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Top 7 Basic Steps To Start Up A Mechanic Workshop In Nigeria

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Why a Mechanic Needs a Mechanic Workshop

Who is a mechanic?

A mechanic is a trained worker that repairs and maintains vehicle engines and other forms of machinery.

Mechanic Workshop


The Mechanic workshop business in Nigeria is a very profitable one. Just like other businesses, it has to be in a strategic place. This enables you to get more patronage and make money.

However, I must stress the fact that this business is capital and management intensive.

The Mechanic business is also a competitive one. Before you venture into it you have to put certain things into consideration.

This includes working hours, shop rent, and what kind of cars you’ll be fixing in your workshop ( buses, automobiles, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, Lorries,).

Whether you will run home services, How many understudies you will employ under you, and other things.

As long as you can endure the risks involved in the mechanic business, you’re on track.

If you can handle and provide answers to any car issue, starting a mechanic workshop is good for you. Meanwhile, before your startup, you need to be licensed.

How To Startup a Mechanic Workshop?

The following tips will assist you in starting up your own mechanic workshop.

  1. Get Thorough training if you’re a novice.

Top 7 Basic Steps To Start Up A Mechanic Workshop In Nigeria

If you’re lacking adequate skills in mechanical work. You need to get trained. Starting without training will not take you far, as there will be extremely low patronage due to poor quality of work done.

The amount of time spent training depends on how fast you’re able to assimilate and understand what is being taught.

You can get training by enrolling in an already established and reputable mechanic workshop or a technical school.

  1. Obtain A Garage/Workshop.

Top 7 Basic Steps To Start Up A Mechanic Workshop In Nigeria

Having effectively finished your apprenticeship close by a legitimate permit to work, procuring a carport/workshop will follow accordingly.

Preferably, your mechanic workshop should begin inside an essential area where you are notable. I would exhort you to remain nearby significant streets.

Regardless of whether you won’t lease a garage to maintain your business, it is vital that you register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

  1. Get Good Specialty Tools

Top 7 Basic Steps To Start Up A Mechanic Workshop In Nigeria

With a workshop currently set up, beginning a mechanic business additionally implies every one of your apparatuses should be set up.

Not simply instruments, pleasant strength device to quick track your work and make your workshop particular from existing mechanic workshops.

Apparatuses, for example, ring and open end spanners, voltmeter, analytic scanners, handheld mechanics lights, compressed air firearms, and lines, micrometer, dial measure, tachometer, moving oil container, circlip pincers Cooling liquid dish, bearing pullers.

Others include; a straightforward line drinking spree for making a unique exhaust joiner, cooling framework analyzer to suit various radiators, tire transformer adornments, tire pressure check, pneumatic force Regulator, and tire switch.

In addition, wheel balancer extras, brake machine frill, wheel inclines, and wellbeing hardware like goggles, ear insurance, emergency treatment pack, fire douser, spill unit, signage, swaying fan, exhaust extraction reel.

  1. Recruit skilled hands

Top 7 Basic Steps To Start Up A Mechanic Workshop In Nigeria

Wandering into a mechanic business without a doubt one will require more hands. You will require at any rate a couple of representative to deal for certain mechanical works.

The recruiting interaction preferably should fire a long time before completely setting up your mechanical workshop.

This is to guarantee they are able to do any work doled out to them and to choose the best contender for your mechanical workshop who might have the option to work even in your nonattendance.

 5. Promote Your Mechanic Workshop.

The best system to embrace to have the option to get customers is to print your business card, move around workplaces, associations, to educate them about your workshop.

The business card ought to be enlightening unmistakably expressing the idea of administrations you give and how you can be reached.

Offer limits on regular fixes and oil changes lastly, take your business to web-based media stages.

  1. Make coalitions with vehicle vendors.

The facts confirm that some vehicle vendors have their own mechanical shops connected to their organizations however you can exploit the individuals who don’t need to develop your business.

Make an intense stride by moving toward vendors requesting that they allude clients to your business dependent on exchange.

As a method of compensation, you could likewise publicize their business when your clients need to buy another vehicle.

  1. High Display of Competence and Integrity

One urgent part of the business is your capacity to persuade your clients to get back to your workshop and this is just conceivable when you show skill and respectability at each given chance.

It is appropriate to take note that the greater part of the customers you would be working for are individuals who will be going to your workshop interestingly.

In the event that you give them any motivation to question your ability, you are likely not going to get a recurrent business from them.

You should guarantee that you make an ideal showing that will make them long for support and furthermore procure you references.


In the event that you care about your work, clients will think often about utilizing your workshop to do all their mechanical fixes and overhauling, so you need the correct devices and gear to do a wide scope of work.


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