How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

How to retrieve NIN number without phone number? Finding your National Identification Number (NIN) can be difficult if you have lost access to the phone number or do not remember it.

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

In order to retrieve your NIN, there are some steps you can take that may help. First, try contacting your local government office and see if they can provide help with retrieving your NIN number. Another option is to check with any financial institutions that may have a record of the number on file for you. Lastly, you can visit a government website where you can input personal information. And get copies of documents with your personal details. Such as social security numbers or other identifying pieces of data which could include your NIN number.

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number?

Below are practical steps to retrieve your NIN number without using a phone number:

  • Kindly go to the NIMC website.
  • You will see the “NIN Retrieval Portal” click on it. While you are on the NIMC main page, search for and select the “NIN Retrieval Portal” option. This will direct you to a page where you may find your NIN number.
  • Next, you will see the “Forgot Mobile Number” option. Click on it. On the NIN Retrieval Portal page, there are several options you can select from. If your mobile number has gone missing or you don’t have access to it, click on the “Forgot Mobile Number?” option.
  • Input your personal information. If you’ve forgotten the mobile number associated with your NIN registration. Click on the “Forgot Mobile Number?” option and enter personal details such as your First Name, Last Name, or email address used during enrollment. If you don’t remember which one was used for registration, provide your date of birth instead.
  • Then hit on the “Submit” button. After you have supplied your personal information, press the “Submit” button to go ahead. After verifying that, all the details provided are accurate. You will receive an email with your National Identification Number (NIN).

Other Options to Retrieve NIN Without a Phone Number

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

How to retrieve NIN number without phone number? You may have to go to a NIMC enrollment center to get your NIN number if you can’t get it back via the “Forgot Mobile Number?” option. Through the following steps below:

  • Find the “Enrollment Centers” option on the NIMC website.
  • Look up your nearest Enrollment Center by entering your state or city in the search bar. Using this information, you can find the closest Enrollment Center closest to you.
  • There will be a list of NIMC enrollment locations near you. Pick the one that is nearby.
  • You can obtain your NIN number back at the registration center with a valid ID.

After completing these procedures, even if you do not have access to your phone number, you will to be able to get your NIN number.

What Should you do When you Get your NIN Without a Phone?

Your National Identification Number (NIN) is an essential document. As it contains all of your personal information. Just like any other important documents you possess, safeguarding and protecting your NIN slip or NIN number is crucial. Where a SIM card has been stolen or gone missing, it could be possible for fraudulent individuals to access your NIN when they enter *346# on their device. This opens up the possibility of unauthorized activities with consequential consequences for you. Thankfully, there are measures that can be taken in order to protect yourself from such issues. Change the missing phone number linked to your NIN by paying a fee of ₦500 via Remita. Ensure you go with the documentation listed below showing proof of payment to complete this process successfully.

  • Report gotten recently from the police.
  • The authentic NIN slip that was sent to you upon your initial registration. You may enter the reproduced NIN you just obtained here without providing your phone number.
  • An application letter for the change in the data field you wish to edit. In this example, the phone number, with your full signature on it and a statement of the change’s justification.


Retrieving your NIN number without your phone number can be done by going to the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) website and creating an account. After creating the account, you will have access to your profile page where you can view and edit all of your personal details including your NIN number. You may also be asked to provide additional documents in order to confirm that you are who you claim to be. Once all this information is submitted, it will take some time for the NIMC team to review and process it before you receive a confirmation email that contains your new or updated NIN number. we hope this practical guide on How to retrieve a NIN number without a phone number has been helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee for retrieving my NIN without a phone number?

The retrieval of your NIN is generally free of charge. Be cautious of potential scams that may request payment for this service.

2. How long does it take to retrieve my NIN without a phone number?

The processing time may vary, but it usually takes a few days to a week for your NIN to be retrieved using alternative methods.

3. What should I do if I suspect my NIN has been compromised while trying to retrieve it without a phone number?

Contact the NIMC immediately and report the issue. They will guide you on the necessary steps to secure your NIN and prevent misuse.

How to Retrieve NIN Number without Phone Number

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