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European Commission Donates Ai Robots To Hospitals Against Covid-19

Robot donated by European Commission

Digital Single Market has unveiled samples of AI robots donated by the European commission to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

According to the information provided, the AI robots were donated to hospitals in Slovenia to help disinfect hospitals and save the hospital workers and medical personnel against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The information went on further to notify that more Ai robots are on the way to hospitals in Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, and Greece.


The purpose of donating the AI robots is to spray disinfectants around hospital premises to keep the environment safe for everyone in the hospital and protect hospital staff from exposure to coronavirus infection.

Based on the design, the disinfection robot is an artificial intelligence AI robot that can be operated from a remote area to accurately spray disinfectants to every part of the hospital.

It is not a humanoid AI robot, rather a design of a rolling small round table or rolling small box on the floor, however, it has a vertical column that carries the disinfectant, and while the box section sprays it. . With such simplicity, the AI robot can move to any location on a leveled floor to deliver the intended operation. It is lightweight and can move very fast.

In terms of speed and time, it will take the robot to cover the entire hospital premises, the information noted that the AI robot can sanitize over 18 patient rooms in less than three hours. This implies that if the AI robot can work 24hours round the clock, the entire room and hospital surroundings can be disinfected which can yield significant results in containing coronavirus pandemics.

This disinfectant is different from the initial humanoid disinfectants made for hospital services against the Covid-19 epidemic. It is a unique robot with a unique design. It is portable, very mobile, rechargeable, fast, and very productive. This is a big credit to the commission for such an initiative.

This initiative is another step taken by the European Commission to fight Covid-19 in Europe and Ai robots have become a major focus point recently in looking for ways to tackle the recent pandemic hitting the world economy badly.

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