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Top 8 Awesome Scientific Predictions Ahead of 2030

Future of Artificial Intelligence

Scientific predictions had always proved to be correct if not 90 percent perhaps 70 to 80 percent.

When the prediction for modern robots was made over 100s years ago no one ever thought of artificial intelligence or computer programs, yet the predictions of the early scientists came to pass.

Scientific Predictions

The world currently has over one million robotic machines and humanoid robots to confirm the early predictions.

Recently the issue of what the future would look like had been a trending update within the science and engineering field. Some have their predictions in other aspects while others channel their predictions to another aspect.

Meanwhile, when looking at the various predictions one can conclusively say that they may actually be saying the same thing.

Scientific Predictions

In our previous post, WEF made its predictions for the expected technology before the year 2030 by releasing a video of the newly developed robots and the upcoming robots.

The issue later dominated the engineering discussions leading to in-depth research and questions of how much had been done to robots development and the use of artificial intelligence on robots and machines.

Even Mr.Jack, the CEO of Alibaba group had earlier warned that the current teaching method should be changed to prepare the upcoming youths for the challenges of working with machines with AI which will include machine learning, programming interpretations, error coding, and respect for machines.

Machine learning itself has become a special course focused on the teachings relating to modern machines, mode of operations, and their artificial intelligence which includes the future aspects of such machines.

In regard to the development, Microsoft professional Program (MPP) had earlier last year included Machine learning into their professional programs to enable their participants to get acquainted with the trend of modern technology.

Another Scientist, Micheal Fisher; had released another video that placed so much emphasis on the 8 major areas AI would change the world before or in the year 2030. According to the video:

Drones and robots would make humans stay at home and have everything needed to be delivered to them

A handful of countries will dominate the world economic and technological superpower
Machines would generate artificial human organs for replacement instead of looking for donors
Humans will stop eating much meat rather concentrate on herbs and trees for health reasons
Climate change could displace a billion people
The policy for carbon emission and air pollution could become tougher
Humans could start traveling to Mars for tourism and find alien life adaptation
The western world values will drop because it would have been tested to breaking point.

What are 8 predictions for the world I’m 2030? {Video}#innovation #GreenEnergy #fintech #ArtificialIntelligence #drones #3Dprinting #tech @jblefevre60 @wef

— Michael Fisher (@Fisher85M) May 30, 2018

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