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Engineering Jobs Aptitude Test Questions & Answers (page 1)

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Engineering Jobs Aptitude Test Questions & Answers

Am compiling the list of past questions in the engineering industries and believe to obtain about 500 questions in the engineering industries such as; oil and gas, construction, chemical, metallurgical, and manufacturing industries, etc.

please do not forget this is a platform for engineers to rub minds together on various issues that could help us develop further in our careers.

Therefore will I keep on adding the list of the question periodically and providing answers to the ones I have the answers to.

It is your duty to keep up to date with the latest update in the list; it is also your duty to provide the answer if you know it to any of the questions they answer is not provided for the benefit of others.

The major purpose is the sharing of information to upgrade our knowledge in the engineering field.

Due to legal reasons, I have decided to remove the names of the companies these aptitude test questions were obtained;

  1. How long does it take the light from the earth?                                                            answer is A                                                                                                             A) 500seconds       b) 1 hour         C) 1 hour 30mins     D) it happens instantly
  2. What is the unit for conductance?                                                                                Answer is D                                                                                                           A) ohm                      B)mho                    C)hertz                    D) Siemens
  3. If a mass of 5kg compresses two springs arranged in series to 10cm length, how long will it Compress the springs when arranged in parallel?                                  answer is D                                                                                                                A) 2.5cm             B) 3cm        C) 7.5cm        D) 5cm
  4. Which of the following gasses in the air has the highest volume?                               answer is C                                                                                                       A)oxygen   B) carbon dioxide  C) nitrogen  D) argon
  5. Black emits how many percentages of radiation?                                                      answer is A                                                                                                              A) 0%                B) 0.5%            C) 5%        D) 100%
  6. The following are used in the alloy of steel except—-                                                the answer is D                                                                                      A)Magnesium      B) cobalt    C) nickel     D) mercury
  7. when a magnet is broken the forces of attraction or repelling……………….         answer is B                                                                                                           A)increases    B)decreases   C)doubles       D)remain the same
  8. One of these is not a material used in the plastic industries….                                  Answer is D                                                                                                                 A) monomers     B) ethane       C)ethanoic acid       D)amino acid
  9. what happens to capacitors when they are connected parallel?                             the answer is D                                                                                                            A) the capacitance will be greater in the first one                                                     B) the capacitance of all will increase except one                                             C)capacitance vary in each one                                                                               D)the capacitance is the same in each one
  10. A tug truck was used to tug a damaged vehicle of mass 1000kg with a velocity of 10km/s what is the momentum of the pulling car?                                                      answer is C                                                                                                        A)1500kgm/s          B)3000kgm/s              C) 10,000kgm/s              D)20,000kgm/s
  11. Consider the figure below, what is the force required by the beam to become balanced? If the distance in the direction of 5kg is 20cm, and distance in opposite direction is 15cm.
Engineering Jobs Aptitude Test Questions & Answers (page 1)

A) 5kg     B) 9kg C) 7kg  D)10kg

The answer is 6.67kg approximately 7kg = C  (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)

12) When did Nigeria experience its first eclipse?  a) 1895   b) 1995  c) 1947  d) 2000

the answer is C                                                                                                                  13) One of the followings can be used to determine the depth of the sea                                    a) reflection               b) echo      c) magnet     d) resonance

the answer is B

14) what is the ratio of the angle in the figure below? ? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)


Engineering Jobs Aptitude Test Questions & Answers (page 1)                 A) 1/9   B) 3/6   C)1/4    D) 3/14

Answer is C

  1. which of this reaction produces hydrogen as gas? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)                                                                          a) sodium chloride with water                                                                                    b) magnesium oxide with carbon dioxide                                                                  c) copper with sulphuric acid                                                                                      d) zinc with oxygen

the answer is C

  1. The best chemical name for smokes coming out of internal combustion engines is…? (NOTORE CHEMICAL COMPANY, ONNE, RIVERS STATE)                        a) carbon smoke                                                                                                     b) carbon trioxide                                                                                                       c) carbon dioxide                                                                                                       d) carbon mono oxide

the answer is D

  1. A moving car of mass 1500kg reached a particular distance for 5minutes, what is the value of the energy used by the car? Taking; a=9.8m/s2, initial velocity = 0m/s a) 7.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                     b) 9.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                     c) 6.5 x 109 joules                                                                                                       d) 5.0 x 109 joules

answer is C    (kinetic energy=1/2mv2= (1500kg x (0+9.8x(5×60))2)/2 =6.5 x 109

  1. if a piston with a diameter of 20mm exerts a force of 5N in an engine cylinder, what force will a piston of 35mm exerts under the same closed system?                 A) 9N           b) 10N               c) 20N                         d) 7N

answer is 8.75 approximately 9N =A  (pressure = F/A, 5N/20 = F/35, 20F=175, F=175/20=8.75)

  1. In which of these will the iron corrode easily?                                                           a) keeping the iron in ethanol                                                                                     b) keeping the iron in crude oil                                                                                   c) keeping the iron in the water                                                                               d) keeping the iron in palm oil

the answer is C

  1. The following are ways of hardening metals except;

a)addition of magnesium

b)addition of carbon

c)quenching techniques after cooling                                                                                 d) addition of chlorine

the answer is D

21) The content of an alloyed steel that makes it stainless and able to resist corrosion is…                                                                                                                                         a) carbon               b) chromium               c) constantan             d) platinum

the answer is B

22) which is among the ways magnets loses its magnetism permanently…                         a) insulating the magnet                                                                                                     b) Rubbing it on non-magnetic metals                                                                                 c) exposing it to steam for a long time                                                                                 d) heating on fire till it turns red

the answer is D

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  1. Man! Thank you, even though I did not go through it thorough before taking my test, the little I could remember helped me. Out of 12 questions that came out here I can say I confidently answered 9 correctly. I t really pained me I did get all the 12. But thanks for the help.

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