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Interview: Why Elon Musk Wants To Go To Mars


Elon Musk is one of the leading personalities in modern engineering in the area of space exploration and modern Cars. The name is not new to lovers of science and technology. It is a name that has helped o bring significant change in the space industry through his company ‘SpaceX’.

Before now, rockets are dispersed after using them to launch satellites into space. However, SpaceX led by Elon Musk was able to come up with reusable rockets. This type of spaceship made by him and his team makes it possible to deliver the load to space and return with the same spaceship after the delivery.

This simply implies that modern rockets by SpaceX can travel to and fro between the earth and space. Besides, the company is going into deeper scientific innovations that are actually breaking significant records.

Elon Musk has not only succeeded in bringing huge innovation in the space industry, he has also helped to earn himself and his company a good financial fortune. Obviously topping most other competitors across the globe.

Besides the area of space research, Elon musk is also the owner of ‘Tesla’ a giant automobile industry, and the top-leading innovator of electric Cars and their advancements. Tesla has one of the most expensive cars in the world and is well-known for constant innovations and astonishing concepts.

No doubt, he has earned the loyalty of most lovers of science and technology being a significant figure in the two companies in the world making great advancements in modern engineering.

Recently, Musk made his intentions to make humans habit the mars known. While the public is pondering how he would do that and why he wants to do it, he personally answered those questions by granting a press interview.

NASA Image Captures ‘Ancient God’ Statue On Mars
NASA Image Captures ‘Ancient God’ Statue On Mars

Musk spoke in his interview that:

The universe appears to be about 8million years ago.

Earth is about half a billion old.

In the next half a billion years old, the sun will expand.

The expansion of the sun will evaporate the oceans thereby making life impossible on earth.

Assuming it has taken the consciousness 10% longer to evolve, it would never have evolved at all just 10% longer.

And I wonder how many dead one-planet civilizations are out there in the cosmos that never made it to the outer planet and then ultimately extinguish themselves or were destroyed by external factors probably a few.

Below is a video detailing what Elon Musk has to say regarding humans living on Mars.

Whether it is possible or not to live on Mars, Musk has actually pointed out some important reasons why we should be looking for alternatives ahead of the next 500 million years to come when it is believed that the closeness of the sun to the earth will cause the oceans to vaporize and intense heat will make life on earth impossible.

This is really a message to someone with good information about the cosmos. Inhabiting Mars is a great idea that offers hope to humans ahead of the upcoming calamities from Sun expansion in 500 million years.

Tell us what you think about Musk’s interview and explanation through the comment section.

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