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Computer Virus: Top 7 Basic Facts You Need To Know


What is a Computer Virus?

Each PC proprietor has at a time had an insight with PC virus.

In this article, we will dissect what a PC virus is, its sorts, and its effect in the PC framework.

Rudiments of Computer Science – Virus

Computer Virus: Top 7 Basic Facts You Need To Know

A virus is a PC code or program, which is equipped for influencing your PC information gravely by adulterating or obliterating them.

PC virus tends to make its copy duplicates at a quick speed, and spread it across each envelope, and harm the information of your PC framework.

A PC virus is a pernicious programming program or “malware”.

while contaminating your framework, it imitates itself by altering other PC programs and embeddings its code.

Contaminated PC projects may incorporate information documents or even the “boot” area of the hard drive.

Kinds/Types of Computer Virus

Computer Virus: Top 7 Basic Facts You Need To Know

Following are the significant kinds of PC viruses −


This is a popular Computer Virus. It is a PC program that reproduces itself at a quick speed.

In contrast to a PC virus, it is independent and henceforth shouldn’t be essential for another program to proliferate itself.

Trojan Horse

A Trojan Horse is additionally a kind of dangerous program that stays masked in a typical programming program. This Computer Virus is well known among the digital experts.

It’s anything but precisely a virus, as it can’t imitate itself.

In any case, there is the plausibility that the virus program may stay hidden in the Trojan Horse.


It is like Trojan Horse, yet Logic bombs have some claim to fame. This is another popular Computer Virus.

Computer Virus: Top 7 Basic Facts You Need To Know

These incorporate a planning gadget and consequently, it will go off just at a specific date and time.

How Does Computer Virus Affect?

Allow us to talk about in what ways a virus can influence your PC framework.

The ways are referenced underneath −

• By downloading documents from the Internet.

• During the removable of media or drives.

• Through pen drive.

• Through email connections.

• Through unpatched programming and administrations.

• Through unprotected or helpless chairman passwords.

Effect of Computer Virus

Computer Virus: Top 7 Basic Facts You Need To Know

Allow us currently to see the effect of the virus on your PC framework −

• Disrupts the ordinary use of separate PC frameworks.

• Disrupts framework network use.

• Modifies arrangement setting of the framework.

• Destructs information.

• Disrupts PC network assets.

• Destructs of secret information.

Computer Virus Detection Methods

The most key technique for the recognition of viruses is to check the usefulness of your PC framework.

A virus-influenced PC doesn’t take the order as expected.

In any case, on the off chance that there is antivirus programming in your PC framework, it can without much stretch check projects and documents on a framework for virus marks.

Computer Virus Preventive Measures

Allow us presently to see the distinctive virus preventive measures.

A PC framework can be shielded from viruses through the accompanying −

Installation of successful antivirus programming.

• Patching up the working framework.

• Patching up the customer programming.

• Putting profoundly got Passwords.

• Use of Firewalls.

The Best Computer Antivirus (PC Software that Fights Computer Virus)

Following are the most well known and powerful antivirus from which you can pick one for your PC −

• McAfee Antivirus Plus

• Symantec Norton Antivirus

• Avast Pro Antivirus

• Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

• Kaspersky Anti-Virus

• Avira Antivirus

• Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus

• Emsisoft Anti-Malware

• Quick Heal Antivirus

• ESET NOD32 Antivirus


Having understood what the computer virus is all about, there is a need to apply safety in every software device you are using to void the virus contamination with your digital devices.

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