Best Engineering Careers You Should Study Ahead of the future Technologies 2022

In this post we shall be discussing the following topics about Best Engineering Careers:

  • Things you must consider before studying Engineering
  • The best Engineering careers for you
  • Skills obtainable in engineering professions
  • Challenges of Engineers after graduation from School
  • How employable are Engineering Graduates?
  • How Difficult is engineering in Schools? 
  • How important is Engineering?

Best Engineering Careers: How important is Engineering?

Before we proceed about the Best Engineering Careers let us understand.

Engineering is one of the most respected professions in the world and possibly the most challenging one at that. Studying engineering is not a joke especially when it comes to the majors in the field of engineering.

From calculations to drawings, data analysis, experiments and reports, constructions and implementations of theoretical principles, and lots more, the engineering students have a lot of work to do in other to come out successful in their respective fields of engineering.

All these no doubt, made engineering one of the difficult and tough courses to study in the universities.

Best Engineering Careers: How Difficult is engineering in Schools?

There are engineering fields that are less tough than others. Though academic standards may vary from school to school or from country to country, the fact remains that it is a profession that no one toys with.

The difficulty of engineering professions in school does not really equate to success after graduation. In other words, though engineering is a tough profession to study in school, some of the graduates still find it difficult to secure a job after graduation.  

Best Engineering Careers: How employable are Engineering Graduates?

While the majority secure jobs that rarely pay their bills every month. This implies that the best choice is to seek the engineering professionals that prepare you for enterprising skill acquisitions rather than employability skills.

Almost every industry in the world will need to employ one or more fields of engineering from the paper mills, rolling mills, textile industries, printing press, oil and gas industries, metallurgical industries, machines manufacturing industries, preservation and maintenance industries, safety-related industries, to even the banking industries, etc.

You will likely see one or two engineers in them though their field of engineering could vary depending on the task they are meant to execute for the industry.

Challenges of Engineers after graduation from School

Despite the above slots and spaces available for the engineers, many of the engineers remain unemployed because the industries are few or not large enough to absorb them.

But it could be a sad experience to remain idle after passing through the many academic learning stress without a suitable industry to implement what you have learned.

Therefore, the need to have such knowledge of possibilities after graduation will help the undergraduates and the intending undergraduates to know what is ahead of them. What they shouldn’t be surprised to see after graduation and why they can be better prepared ahead of time.

Skills obtainable in engineering professions

Yes, engineering is a lucrative profession but not all engineering can keep you balanced when you are unable to secure lucrative employment.

Some fields of engineering center mostly on employability skills which aim at work in the industries while some fields of engineering center more on personal skill acquisitions without minding the areas of possible applications.

For instance, Instrumentations and control engineering, petroleum engineering, corrosion engineering, and system engineering, tend to focus on employability skills for industrial applications rather than skills for the enterprise.

This makes the graduates in these fields of engineering to be highly dependent on employment and tends to divert from engineering if no job is found after graduation.

However, other fields of engineering such as automobile engineering, electrical electronics engineering, metallurgical engineering, computer engineering, manufacturing engineering, Robotics and mechatronics engineering, and some others tend to focus on skill impactions for possible enterprising/self-reliance but are not centered on industrial jobs.

This usually helps graduates in these fields of engineering to secure their own space with little resources when nothing comes up as employment after graduation.

For example, an automobile engineer can easily open a vehicle repair and maintenance workshop, the same goes for electrical electronics engineers and many others.

The best Engineering careers that prepare you for the future

Best Engineering Careers:
Best Engineering Careers: Engineers working at a construction site

Considering the diversions in modern technology towards automation and Nanotechnologies, old majors in engineering seem to be giving way to the new derived engineering fields such as Mechatronics which centers more on robotics and its engineering, the use of electric powered motors, hydraulics, other mechanical systems,  and electronics applications to make machines leading to automation.

The need to discover new materials to improve existing and future technology is making metallurgical and materials engineering prosper and possibly will remain so in the future.

The need to build giant Robots and sophisticated military hardware is pushing almost all the sub-fields of mechanical engineering to prosper.

The need for renewable energy and lower power consumption electronics is equally pushing the various sub-fields of electrical engineering to strive. And will possibly remain so in the near future.

The need for internet and software applications as catalysts for future technology is no doubt pushing computer engineering and its sub-fields such as software engineering, social engineering, and others to strive.

The need for advanced technology which could be useful to humans. As in the case of animal organs replacing human organs is now pushing the bio-engineering field to the top.

The need for further space explorations and visits to planets is now leading to more research on special spaceships and robots to meet the unusual conditions of space. This no doubt is pushing aerospace engineering to its peak.

The need for hard, strong, and light materials that will be useful to the aviation industries as well as the automotive industries is helping the plastic engineering field to make suitable plastic materials such as fiber and PVCs, and lots of others.

Considerations in your Engineering career

Rather than focusing on employability skills alone, choosing the one that offers you the advantage of enterprise and employability could be the best option.

Therefore, choose the engineering that you could easily establish somewhere to render services relating to the field of engineering you study assuming you find it difficult to secure a job after graduation.


Tell us what you think about this post and highlight areas of engineering we failed to touch. You are also free to ask questions as well.

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