List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

Who are the Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria?

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

Nigeria has close to fifty universities that produce varieties of engineers every year. Given the nature of their work and where they work in , their salary scales are not the same. Some engineers earn slightly above the Nigerian minimum wage at the lowest level, while some earn higher at that level. If you’re a student, looking for a career choice in engineering this article can be a useful guide in helping you select your preferred engineering field.

Below are the salary ranking per month of different types of engineers in Nigeria.

1.Electrical engineers :

Best paid engineers in Nigeria

Electrical engineers get paid as much as five hundred thousand to one million naira (N500,000-N1,000,000) in big companies.

Electrical engineers work in companies that generate electricity to private and public structures. They also work in other companies that require their services.

An engineer just employed at the lowest level at a big company,can earn up to a hundred thousand naira (N100,000). He will be increasing in level and earn above that or even decide to start up his own private business.

2.Civil engineers:

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

This category of Engineers are involved in building structures. They build roads for transportation, drainage, airport, railway tracks, dams, government owned houses and more.

They plan , design and maintain these structures. Federal, state and local Government often contract them to Handle their long or short term projects. Private companies and people  even contract them to  Run big and small projects for them.

A senior civil engineer in Nigeria who knows himself can earn up to five hundred thousand to one million naira (N500,000-N1,000,000) monthly. This is dependent on the company.Multinational companies pay more than local companies. Civil engineers recieve eighty thousand naira (N80,000) at the lowest level.

3.Mechanical engineers;

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

They are involved in engine operations. From aeroplanes, automobiles, ships and likewise. The growing amount of engines in Nigeria has made them the most sourced engineers. A high level engineer at a successful company gets about four hundred to eight hundred thousand naira monthly with a good degree .

At the lowest level, mech-engineers get up to seventy to hundred thousand naira(N70,000 – N100,000) in the country. His salary increases as he goes higher in level.

4.Production engineers:

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

They are into the creation of vehicles and other forms of machines. These engineers are not many in the country because of the low number of manufacturing companies.

In places where vehicles, ships and likewise are manufactured, the production engineers are the highest earners.

Due to the low number of manufacturing companies in Nigeria, an apex level production engineer earns roughly four hundred thousand naira ( N400,000) monthly.

At the lowest level, they start with sixty to eighty thousand naira(N60,000-N80,000). Salary increases with upgrade in level.

5.Network Engineers:

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

When you talk about these Engineers, telecommunications come to  mind. Network Engineers in the country work in companies like Airtel, Etisalat, GLO, MTN and other telecom companies in the country. These Engineers help us to connect with our families and friends in different parts of the world. They are not many in the country which makes them one of the most sourced engineers.

At the lowest level, a network engineer earns about sixty to eighty thousand naira(N60,000-N80,000). A high level engineer earns about three hundred thousand naira(N300,000) monthly.

6.Computer software engineer:

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

They are involved in creating applications and software for our Computers. They work in private or public owned companies. There is a big market for employment for them especially in big cities like Lagos and Abuja. In some firms, they earn as much as three hundred to four hundred thousand naira(N300,000 -N400,000). At the lowest level, they earn around sixty to hundred thousand naira(N60,000- N100,000).

7.Computer hardware engineer:

List of The Best Paid Engineers In Nigeria

They are involved in creating hardware components of our Computers. They create, test run and maintain various components of Computers. The brain backing memory devices like our SD cards, monitors, CPU, mouse are the hardware Engineers. Supposing any new computer hardware design were to come public, the plans and testing will be done by the hardware engineers.

High level Computer engineers earn up to two hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly.(N250,000). At lowest level they earn up to N50,000 – N80,000.

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