10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

In the adventure of life, man has always invented and created things to make life easy for entire mankind, From the day the first steam engine was invented till the date when various kind of engines operates on the surface of the earth we can all agree that all science invention played s major role into the dawn of the modern civilization and in creating an easy and man-enabling environment. Things got easier with the invention of the computer In the 1940s generation e computers was introduced, and by the 19th century computer was simply a model to make life easier for mankind spreading across different sectors like communication, security, health, education, etc We all agree the world move up faster in the digitalization era, but the most interesting and core fantasy moment WA the fifth generation of computer which gave the introduction to artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) was the moment where humans could assign deep tasks to computers and without validation or human interference computers would diligently carry out the task very interesting, Of course, this is the life mankind always wanted in a world where we work less and achieve more. Despite this great service of artificial intelligence (AI), the AI. I has always imposed fears and threat to mankind his supposed inventors creating a situation where the creator becomes scared of his Creation. From sci-fi movies telling us about how AI will enslave and overthrow mankind and rule him, to where companies Begin to reduce the workforce because manpower is being replaced by AI power.Today’s article will be centered on supposed tech jobs that AI can’t touch. We will look at criteria that present job positions vulnerable to AI.
10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch.
Will AI take jobs?

This question is currently the most asked question regarding the rapid development of AI Currently, in 2020 the coronavirus already slashed the workforce to almost 40%, and job positions were lost with the hope that after the pandemic things would go back to normal order. However in 2021 positions that were vacant due to pandemics were held by AI.  AI started taking over jobs as far back as 2012 in Asia where people working in a car assembly plant lost their positions, Since companies could afford robots or Machines that could assemble vehicles effectively, it saved time and most importantly cost. Fast track to 2023 there are now so many AI tools out there to carry specific tasks for business owners, with less time and little or no cost, Tech was not left behind by graphic designers, and frontend developers were the most threatened tech position at the first stance of AI, Business owners can install or signup for an AI tool, input how they want the graphics or the front end of their website to look, and in few seconds AI will respond with what they ask.
10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch
So the answer is a yes definitely as time advances in different fields of work machines will take over certain positions, and we must be prepared to accept the reality because it is already upon us. I will share our certain tech position that AI is currently dominating.

10 Jobs AI Can’t Touch:

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

1. Data scientist

AI can act on data and sort them out or list them, but the majority of the job of gathering data is done by data scientists, even AI need a data scientist to function properly so it would be very difficult to replace those who can bring them into existence. Records have it that the role of data scientists increased as AI became a trend. Scientist is one of the major tech skills that will have a very low probability of being hijacked by AI for now and Even in the future. This is because data science includes skills like data visualization, machine learning, etc. All vital for Making AI.

2. Backend developer

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch
AI could write codes or generate codes to program but still, people who do not have fire hands-on background in programming will need a software engineer who can understand these codes and how to implement them. With this being said we will still have the demand for a backend engineer still high, Although the number might drop the position will remain relevant in the tech space.

3. Technical Writers

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch.

The large score difference is likely due to developments and advancements in language models post-2013 that can write entire blog posts or social media content. Writers have to ideate, create, and produce original written material, something that AI writing tools have not yet been able to replicate in the same way as humans (see recent BuzzFeed controversy about AI-generated travel articles). There are also many types of writers, some of which might be more at risk. An experienced journalist will likely be favored over AI, but a freelance copywriter may no longer be needed by a business that now uses AI to write Instagram captions.

4. Software Developers

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch
The large score difference is likely because of new back-end tools that help web developers write entirely new code, fill in gaps, and debug. Software engineering and development is complex enough for human beings, and the time and skill investment needed to create applications, software, and websites will be tough to replicate — especially since developers need to execute perfectly to create great products for customers. The field is expected to grow by 30.3% by 2024, so if you’re a software developer, you’re sitting pretty for now.

5. Editors

While the automated proofreading technology mentioned previously can take a load off, editors have to review writers’ submissions for clarity, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and originality. Some software can spot-check for clarity and scan for plagiarism, the but editor role must be carried out by a human to read work as another human would.

6. Graphic Designers

Image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E make it easy for people to create what they want, but graphic design is an artistic and technical field best suited for someone with fine arts training and experience. Like writing, graphic design work must be original and tailored to a unique use case. If a graphic designer is working with a business, it also requires building a relationship between both parties throughout the design process. Plus, some image creators have been found to plagiarize artists’ work — a lawsuit is likely the last thing people want.

7. Tech jobs that involve agriculture

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

In the field of agriculture, there is a projected surge of 30% in job opportunities for agricultural professionals over the next five years, as outlined in the 2023 report. This translates to an additional 3 million positions becoming available.
This growth can be attributed to several factors. One significant factor is the relative resilience of agricultural workers to the disruptive impacts of generative AI and Large Language Models like ChatGPT. Additionally, changes in supply chain dynamics play a role, with more small farms choosing to directly sell their products to consumers, bypassing intermediaries.
The adoption of advanced agricultural technologies and increased investments in climate change adaptation are also contributing to the expansion of employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Notably, the concept of “climate-smart agriculture” goes beyond just job creation; it addresses the intertwined challenges of food security and the accelerating effects of climate change. The World Bank highlights that this approach not only enhances employment but also elevates living standards, fosters positive environmental outcomes, bolsters food security, and strengthens crop resilience.

8. Tech educational jobs.

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch
The education sector is poised for significant job growth, with an anticipated 10% increase in employment opportunities by the year 2027, as revealed by the Future of Jobs Report 2023. This projection suggests the potential creation of an additional 3 million jobs, primarily within the vocational and higher education sectors.
Interestingly, this growth trend is more pronounced in non-G20 nations, where it is expected to exceed that of G20 countries by approximately 50%, as indicated in the report.
The surge in job opportunities is attributed to two key factors. Firstly, the widespread adoption of educational and workforce development technologies plays a pivotal role in driving job creation. Secondly, organizations are intensifying their efforts to bridge skills gaps, driven by the transformative impact of A. I and other technologies on the skill requirements of both employees and employers.
The most sought-after skills in this evolving job landscape include analytical and creative thinking, as previously mentioned. Additionally, employers prioritize skills such as empathy, active listening, motivation, self-awareness, leadership, social influence, talent management, and exceptional customer service. Remarkably, these competencies remain distinctly human and are beyond the reach of AI’s capabilities.

9. Cloud computing engineering

Cloud computing involves the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Rather than owning their own computing infrastructure or data centers, companies can rent access to anything from applications to storage from a cloud service provider.
In turn, providers of cloud-computing services can benefit from significant economies of scale by delivering the same services to a wide range of customers. I don’t see AI replacing people. This sector anytime soon.

10. AI/Robotics engineering

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

Of course, the creations can’t replace the creator, The recent high demand for AI only means that there will be more room and opportunity for AI or robotics engineers. These people are the ones who develop these AI technologies be it a bot, software, or hardware. The demand for AI engineers will surge higher in the coming years because this is the era of AI.
In summary, to avoid losing your precious job position to AI You need to learn how to work with AI  because Even though this article was revised and reviewed by AI software to remove grammatical errors, working with AI will put you in a better position not just to save your job but also to make it easier.

10 Tech Jobs that AI can’t touch

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