Top 4 Asbestos Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria

Asbestos Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria

Asbestos Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria
Asbestos Manufacturing Companies In Nigeria

In case you are not aware, asbestos is a popular material used in buildings. It finds its use in different places such as ceiling asbestos, asbestos doors, asbestos tiles, and lots more.

The particles of asbestos are among the non-degradable materials just like polymers.

Or rather it has millions of particles that cannot be processed in any animal body because of the nature of asbestos materials, it was advised by some researchers to be mindful of its usage, especially where people live.

Though before now asbestos applications on ceilings, tiles, and other products had been criticized for being the root cause of some health problems such as cancer, and lots.

It was believed that flying particles from asbestos products stick within its surrounding and cause the humans in the surroundings to inhale the flying particles unknowingly.

Though allegation against asbestos was proven with facts, the use of asbestos later took another dimension just to bypass the problem of flying particles.

Modern asbestos has lots of improvements aimed at addressing its critics. Modern asbestos has been proven to have safer environmental health than the former.

A close look into the modern products manufactured with asbestos will prove that a lot has been done to checkmate the problem of flying particles which was very common with asbestos products.

Besides, asbestos has more important advantages than other materials used in building purposes.

For instance, asbestos is cheap and affordable to almost every builder, asbestos has a longer lifespan than other materials when it is used to make any product, and asbestos can easily be painted/colored/or designed to have special looks (this feature is very important for modern houses built with expensive paints),

It retains color for a long time than other materials, It can be shaped and mixed with other products, and many other advantages.
Considering its numerous advantages, using asbestos in buildings is something we cannot afford in this modern age of proper material selection.

With the problem of flying particles found in the earlier asbestos being addressed in modern asbestos, the use of asbestos is now taking another dimension as it now has wider applications in modern buildings instead of just asbestos ceilings, we now have ranging products built with asbestos for buildings examples are\’ doors, tiles, bricks, and lots more.

Modern asbestos has a mix of other materials, chemicals, and additives that control every negative part of asbestos particles such as the particle coming out after the expiration of its lifespan and other reported negative parts of it.

You can now buy and use modern asbestos without any fear because a lot has been done for its improvements and the results were very good.

Though some of the asbestos products in Nigeria were important, there are still some that were made in Nigeria. Irrespective of its production in Nigeria, the necessary chemicals and additives are usually used to give it the best modern quality.

Getting asbestos in Nigeria may not be difficult but getting in a very large quantity if you are on a massive building project can be very difficult and will require some time for the dealers to gather the quantity you need.

Instead of waiting or passing through all the stress of contacting many dealers to meet your demand, you have the option of contacting the manufacturers or major wholesalers in Nigeria.

There are numerous names in the Nigerian industries when it comes to asbestos materials, these names have different ways they provide asbestos materials some are either importers of asbestos materials, manufacturers of asbestos materials, or a combination of the both.

If you need asbestos in very large quantities you need to look out for any of those names for satisfaction and quick delivery.
I took some time to gather the list of four main names in the Nigeria asbestos industry. Though others are still there, you can get the rest names when you meet any of them.

GymWest Construction & Property Inv. Co. Ltd
No 6 Fagba Street Fagba Junction, Iju, Lagos Nigeria
+234 806 044 3936
GymWest Construction & Property Investment Company Limited are into providing services on architectural drawing, structural drawing, pop asbestos ceiling, and other services.

Talado-Okedeyun Nigeria Ent.
No 39 Owonikoko Street, Agbado, Ogun Nigeria
+234 803 377 0556
Talado-Okedeyun Nigeria Enterprise specializes in manufacturing and sales of asbestos products such as fire cement, fire crate mortal, rock-wool, fiber, asbestos ropes and others.

Nigeria Asbestos Industry Limited
2A Karanda Cl. T/Balewa Rd, Kano, Kano
077-42362, 077-43285
A Kano based Nigerian center for asbestos product manufacturing.

De Chico Investment Limited
44 East West Road, Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria
+234 803 338 5734, +234 807 279 0000
De Chico Investment Limited is a major manufacturer and distributor of roofing, insulation, sheathing, and building materials in Nigeria.

Please note that this list does not mean any endorsement, affiliation, or partnership with, before committing any money make sure you visit the company address and ask people within the area questions about the company.

If you are too busy to do that, you can hire an agent or agents within that city to verify the company for you before making the commitment that involves payment for the unseen asbestos.

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