Top 6 Awesome Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs Before 2030

Are There Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs?

The use of robots for tasks has already begun and is happening faster than was expected initially. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence has actually gone beyond the expected implementation in the last few years. Its inclusion in modern robots has led to the creation of what can be referred to as “AI robots”

Today we are not only amazed at the speedy development but also discussing the possible Ways AI Robots will take over Human Jobs according to the 2030 predictions.

According to the information released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), robots were expected to dominate most jobs in firms as well as serve in homes as domestic staff before the year 2030.

However, this prediction seemed too far as many reports had been brought to the surface about how some companies have already started employing robots.

The post published two days ago revealed how the banks in Shanghai have started employing robot machines to reduce the cloud of customers that always fills up the banking premises.

Mr. Mike, a popular scientist also revealed how the astronauts are working hard to obtain more sophisticated robots to carry-out space research in areas beyond human reach due to some uncontrollable factors.

Also in our previous post, a construction firm released a video revealing their new block laying robot lays a number of blocks than humans with more accuracy and speed.

These and more of our previous posts pointed to the progress made so far in the use of robots for industrial tasks.

However, another fear came up recently when a new video was released showing how China has started building and employing robots in their country.

Being among the most populated countries in the world, China’s use of robots will not only encourage others to use the robots but can lay off many humans from their jobs if provisions for more job creation expansion were not created.

The evidence of increasing robot dominance in the labor market was also revealed through the reports dropped by Robots Research Institutes revealing the increasing demands for robots and the increasing number of sponsors/investors of the robots research programs and their development.

Questions had been raised concerning the issue of unemployment and reduction of salary/wages for human workers as many of them may lose their job or have their salary/wages reduced by their firms due to the employment of robots.

These questions have created fear in average civilians contributing to their recent criticisms against robot development.

However, to manufacturers and entrepreneurs, the robot age is a welcome development since it would help to sustain their investments.

Meanwhile, scientists have started a sensitization program to enlighten the public about the need to welcome robots instead of fearing losing their jobs.

One of the pictures released by the IPFONLINE is shown below, and on their online page, they wrote ” The future of AI smart machines will save us, not destroy us” on the top of the picture. A message meant to encourage average civilians to welcome the robot age.

Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs
Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs

While the campaign is ongoing, Momenta Partners release the image below revealing how robots will gently replace & handle human jobs.

Above the image was written ” What soft skills are you cultivating for when machines change your job tasks and career?” a message meant to encourage civilians to be ready to adopt any change of job tasks that the presence of robots may create.

Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs
Ways AI Robots will Take over Human Jobs

From the above trending issues, it has become clear that the robot development is not going backward or experiencing any serious opposition so humans are now left with no option but to prepare for the new age.

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