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Top 3 Popular Types of Modern Car Horns and their features


Types of Modern Car Horns and their features

Most modern homes consist of a diaphragm which is vibrated by means of an electromagnet. When the electromagnet is energized, it pulls on an armature that is attached to the diaphragm.

Movement of the armature flexes the diaphragm and opens a set of electrical contacts. Since the contacts are in series with the circuit, the current will be turned off and on at a high rate.

The tone and character of the horn signal are largely dependent on the manner in which the movement of the diaphragm is utilized and also on the stiffness of the diaphragm.

To test whether a horn is in working, connect a jumper wire from the battery to the hot terminal.

If the horn still does not operate, provide a good ground for the horn. If the horn then operates, it indicates that the ground connection is at fault. To help prevent this, cadmium plated mounting screws are used on some cars.

Top 3 Popular Types of Modern Car Horns and their features

In the automobile, three types of horns are used commonly and they are:

BULB HORNS: this is a kind of mechanical type of horn that is pumped by pressing the rubber bulb. The pumped air is made to pass through a reed, which produces the sound. To increase the sound level, a bugle is fixed after the reed. Such type of horns is fitted in buses and trucks.

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AIR PRESSURE HORNS: this is a kind of car horn that works with air pressure, the air pressure horn will compress the air and make it pass through a reed to produce an alarming sound. The horns are fitted to vehicles with air tank used for the air pressure braking system. They are very effective when excess air can be pressurized and made to pass through the reed.

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ELECTRIC HORNS: this type of car horn operates separately from the others, they are standard horn in use currently for all the modern cars especially the private cars. The electric horn can be categorized into two major groups which are:

The vibrating type of electric horn and the wind tone type. The two are working with the electromagnetic principles for the make and brake system.

Types of Modern Car Horns and their features
Top 3 Popular Types of Modern Car Horns and their features

The only difference between the two is the way in which the sound is emitted out of diaphragm, for the wind tone type; the sound from the diaphragm is made to pass from a windpipe having an opening as bugle and it is the common use horn in modern cars.

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