4 Steps on How to Check First Bank Statement of Account

How to Check My Account Number With Phone

4 steps on How to check First bank statement of account. A bank statement is a complete record of all your account activities that will assist you in keeping track of all your expenses, income, and general financial inflow and outflow.  A statement of account helps you to keep track of all your transactions. It … Read more

Ceiling Fan Price in Nigeria: Complete Buyer Guide

Ceiling Fan Price in Nigeria

Handy Information: Ceiling Fan Price in Nigeria Ceiling Fan Price in Nigeria. Ceiling fans are an indispensable part of Nigerian households, providing much-needed relief from the sweltering heat that often characterizes this West African nation.  The features of the fan determine its price. The material used in making the fan determines its durability. Comprehensive Guide … Read more

How Electric Cars Could Fade Away Crude Oil Values

An electric car

How Electric Cars Could Fade Away Crude Oil Though the competition between the internal combustion engines and electric cars has been a long issue, with advantages and disadvantages of the two models of cars competing with each other. In 1884, when the first electric car was developed by Thomas Parker using his high capacity rechargeable … Read more

Powerful Reasons Lithium-Ion Cell Is Challenging Gasoline Engines

LiFePO4 Cells and Multimeter

Reasons Lithium-Ion Cell Is Challenging Gasoline Engines Lithium is one of the first twenty elements found in the periodic table of elements in chemistry. The element has gradually become a major source of the modern environment-friendly energy campaign. Lithium when combined with other metals in the making of dry cells, has been found to possess … Read more

Powerful Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims

The 'ELICA' an Electric car built with 8 rims

Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims Electric cars had been an issue of discussion across the globe because many countries are interested due to the enormous benefits they can offer. For that reason, engineers have no other option than to dig further and see how far such a car can … Read more

How Newly-Discovered Graphene Will Eliminate Use Of Hydrocarbons

rechargeable batteries

HOW THE NEWLY DISCOVERED GRAPHENE WILL ELIMINATE USE OF HYDROCARBONS The quest for alternative energy source to protect the ozone layer had been ongoing following the support from the appropriate organization. Though lots of rechargeable energies like the batteries had been developed with improved capacities and durable discharge time, solar panel manufacturing had been improving … Read more


An Electric car

Details of Why graphene batteries & electric cars with artificial intelligence will be the center of future transportation. More on graphene.



Since the invention of automobiles, it has always been a dream of us humans to drive and navigate the air in flying cars.We are all aware that there has been no similar invention as we are hoping for, but some advancements in technology have been made in the automobile industry.This post highlights all the progress … Read more

BMW Launches 100% Electric Trucks

The popular automobile industry BMW group has taken the promise of electric cars into action by launching the first ever made 100% heavy-duty electric trucks into the streets of Munich. The three trucks were made to convey industrial materials to production plants, and the same time carry-out other heavy-duty jobs. Each of the electric truck is … Read more

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