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Powerful Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims

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The 'ELICA' an Electric car built with 8 rims

Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims

Electric cars had been an issue of discussion across the globe because many countries are interested due to the enormous benefits they can offer.

For that reason, engineers have no other option than to dig further and see how far such a car can perform such that it can comfortably replace internal combustion engine cars so they can minimize the emission of carbon monoxide into the ozone layer which is the major cause of the current global warming.

Electric car research had yielded positive results in the past few years. For instance; the ELICA, which stands for “Electric Lithium-ion Car” had its concept shown in 2004 as the prototype was designed by a team at Keio University in Tokyo led by Professor Hiroshi Shimizu.

The electric car runs on a lithium-ion battery supply with the ability to make an acceleration from 0-100km/h within four seconds.

But comparing such speed with that of the recent popular gasoline cars which stand at 400km/h, means the electric cars still have a long way to go in competition with gasoline cars.

However, the team went further to achieve a new record by developing another lithium-ion battery-powered electric car that can attain the speed of  370km/h, though very close but did not reach 400km/h.

The car weighs 2,400kg and has four passengers seat including the driver, and 8 wheels rims that help it to make better traction with the ground.

Each wheel has a 60 kW electric motor that powers it and the 8 wheels rims in total give a 480 kW power output and such power output can produce a mechanical force capable of tackling any rough surface obstacles on the roads.

The ELICA gear control is not mechanical but controlled electronically, which means a button click can change the gear.

There are many ELICA cars in development as many automobile manufacturers have bought into the idea of developing electric cars.

Hence; most of the newly built electric cars have exceeded the speed of 400km/h which is a great blow to the gasoline cars. The images below are samples of the latest Electric cars on the market.

Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims
Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims
New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims
Features of “ELICA” A New Electric Car Built With 8 Rims

Despite the new discoveries and achievements made in the electric car, some of them can still not be used in some typical countries where the electric power supply is low, unavailable, or unstable, and their roads are hardly moveable for cars.

Our research has shown that some of the electric cars built between 2000- 2007 have lower battery charging duration as well as lower discharging duration while the modern electric cars have higher battery capacity as some claimed that when the battery is fully charged the vehicle could cover several miles while the charging time of these modern types was made to be shorter, which means within 4-6hours the car would be fully charged under the stable electric power supply.

It is on record that some developed Asian countries, Europe, the U.S, etc. have started mounting electric car charging stations just like a normal fuel station for gasoline cars, if such an initiative becomes global then it will be a time to say Farwell to gasoline cars.

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