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Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

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Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

These road signs are vital in keeping our roads safe. Road traffic signs help in guiding drivers and pedestrians on our roads. The importance of these signs cannot be overemphasized.

They prevent accidents occurring between drivers and passengers, give warning on incoming threats, and enlighten them on the rules of the road. It is very essential to equip yourself with the knowledge of these signs.

What are the road traffic signs in Nigeria?

There are 3 kinds of road traffic signs:

1. Regulatory signs:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

These are circular signs. They can be prohibitive and mandatory.

The Prohibitive signs:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs
Warning road sign against a blue sky.

These signs give a warning messages to avoid doing or going somewhere. They are usually rounded with a white or a yellow-colored background and a red border. The STOP sign is the only exception, which means you should halt when you see it.

The Mandatory signs:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

They usually give a positive directive. They are usually rounded with a blue color background, an Inscription in white, and in some cases a white border.

2. The Informative signs.

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

These signs give guidance on the roads. They have a rectangular shape.

3. Warning traffic symbols.

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs
Caution danger and warning signs.

They give heads up on an impending threat. They have a triangular shape.

Other visible road signs in Nigeria

Aside from the 3 kinds of road signs stated above, there are other ones that require our attention as road users.

1. Road Markings:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

These can be paints or any other marking materials that are put on the roads to control traffic. They can either be used alone or in combination with other traffic symbols. Below are road Markings to take note of :

Yellow lines:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

These lines in the central part of the highways mean that drivers are to move in opposite directions.

But in the case of a double way highway, the yellow lines can be made up of:

A regular broken yellow line:

This marks a passing area going in two directions. Vehicles moving in either direction can overtake other vehicles with caution and when the coast is clear in front.

A double yellow line:
Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

One is a standard broken yellow line and the other is a typical solid yellow line. Should you be driving close to the broken line, ensure you overtake other vehicles with caution. But if you’re traveling adjacent to the solid line, you are not to pass.

Two-standard solid yellow lines:

This is a double yellow. This means that traffic from either direction is prevented from passing.

White lines:

Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

On the roads, these White lines separate travel lanes going in a single direction. They consist of the following:

Dotted White lines :
Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

They demarcate a through lane from the deceleration or acceleration lane.

Double white lines:
Nigerian Road Traffic Signs

Demarcate travel lanes. You cannot cross or even change lanes.

Broken white lines.

These separate lanes in areas where you can change lanes.

Solid white lines

These require you to stay in your lane.

2. Traffic Signals

These are standardized devices that are used to control the flow of traffic, passengers and cyclists. Below are traffic signs and their meanings;

Red: means stop

Amber: Get ready to move.

Green: means you should move if the road is free.

Shapes of traffic signs ;

Octagon – stop

Triangle- obey

Vertical triangle – Regulatory

Pentagon – school

Round – railway crossing

Pennant- No passing

Diamond- warning

Horizontal rectangle- Guide.

Colour of traffic signs :

Red – stop



Orange – construction

Black- regulatory

Green- guide

Blue- motorist services

Brown—public recreation.

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