The Concept For A Money Spraying Machine and Its Features

Money Spraying Machine and Its Features

You may be wondering what I mean by a money spraying machine and why manufacturers should be concerned about making one. Do not be in a hurry because I am going to explain what I mean.

Have you noticed how people spray money these days during ceremonies? Don’t you think it could be fun to have a machine that can do it for us? Though sounds funny but a machine with such function would be adding color to ceremonies when it comes to spraying of money.

Imagine loading 1,000,000 pieces of a currency note in a handheld machine with ejecting nozzle for the currency notes in such a way that about 1,000,000 pieces of a particular currency note could be ejected within a set time limit. It could operate under settings to be ejecting a piece of the currency note per minute or certain seconds until the entire currency notes loaded in it finishes.


To be honest, it is not everyone that would need the money spraying machine. Such a machine will be exclusive to the rich who enjoy spraying cash during occasions and of course, it usually adds color to the occasion and gladdens the heart of the celebrants.

Another important area of application of such machines is in the movie industry. Many Nollywood movies feature money spraying moments that had been our norm and way of celebrating with celebrants.

Inventing money for the spraying machine would make such moments in movies great. Imagine seeing currency notes jumping out of the nozzle of a handheld machine with force enough to make it fly to some distance from the nozzle of the machine. Such force could be used to send the money into the air and allow it to fall freely on celebrants.

Considering the above reasons, the rich could save the stress of carrying bundles of money which could take a long period of time to finish spraying or could take a shorter time than expected to finish.

The machine could be the determining factor to decide when to spray, how to spray, and how long the loaded currency notes could last. The movie industries are not left out. The machine will also play the same role and help to fill the ground with money within a short time.


Based on the concept, the money spraying machine could look like a handheld water gun that splashes currency notes out of its mouth. It will have a triggering handle as well like that of a water gun such that once pressed, currency notes will fly out. The number that will fly out per pressing will be determined by the settings.

The image below this paragraph illustrates how the money spraying machine could look.

The Concept For A Money Spraying Machine and Its Features

It will have a small electric motor with high horsepower to produce a high rotational force that could drive the internal mechanisms of the machine. The motor will be fixed inside the machine at the mechanisms unit.

It electric motor will be powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries or any other light battery. This automatically makes the machine rechargeable machine.

It will have the money flipping unit known as the mechanism. This is the unit that picks a piece of the currency notes loaded in the machine and flips it out with great force.

The body will have handheld design features to help one hand to carry it and spray the money.


The operating principle of the machine could be likened to the combination of the operating principles of a water gun, an office printer, and a money counting machine used in banks.

It paper picker in its mechanism detects the closets currency note on the top as an office printer does, it picks the note, drags it into the line of fast-moving rollers, the rollers transfer their rolling force into the note and cause it to leave the machine nozzle/mouth with a great force capable of making the currency note to fly.

Spraying money in a ceremony
Spraying money in a ceremony


The spraying limit of the machine could be determined by the size of the machine and the space available for the loading of the currency notes. Just like every other machine, the sizes of the machine could vary according to their spraying limits.

The shot per spray limit of the machine is set as a feature in the machine. In other words, the number of currency notes that the machine sprays each time the button is pressed could be made to be a setting factor in the machine.


As mentioned earlier, the loading limit of the machine could be determined by two factors:

 The space is available for the loading of the currency notes in the machine.

The size of the machine.


Now that you have got an understanding of the money spraying machine concept, what is your opinion regarding it? Should the manufacturers be encouraged to initiate the idea of a money spraying machine or the idea should be dropped? Use the comment section to send your opinion to us.

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