How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works

How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works

Cassava is used in some bread, tapioca, French fries, cassava chips, etc. It is also used in animal feeding and it is also used for medicinal purposes.

Because of its extremely high cyanide content level which is bad for the body, it is ill-advisable to eat raw cassava without first soaking, drying, and scrapping it.


This post aims to help readers understand the working principle of the cassava peeling machine and the different types of cassava peeling machines.


Before we get started on how the cassava machine works I would like to must highlight the different types of cassava peeler machines. Whatever machines is used they all use friction in working. They include;

  • Plastic brush roller cassava peeling machine.
  • Stainless steel brush roller-type cassava peeler machine.
  • Sand roller type cassava peeler machine.
Cassava processing Machine
How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works
Cassava processing Machine
How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works

How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works

There are different types of cassava peeling machines and most of them work on the same principle of friction. So here I am going to be using just one of its different types to explain how it works.

The sand roller cassava peeling machine utilizes friction between cassava and the sand roller and also uses friction between cassava and cassava to attain the motive of peeling.

The sand roller is moving in a relative direction and propelled by the motor. The friction is attained by direct contact with the cassava root to achieve the peeling effect.

The sand roller cassava peeling machine is also equipped with a  unique automatic high-pressure spray nozzle for the peeled cassava tubers for rinsing the cassava peelings, the cassava peeling and cleaning effect is not just good but pretty effective.

The sand roller cassava peeler is designed to peel the skin of the cassava one by one during the peeling process, which enhances the peeling effect without inflicting any damage to the cassava’s inner surface and the surface of peeled cassava tubers is polished and tidy.

Cassava processing Machine
How The Cassava Shelling Machine Works

The sand roller cassava peeling machine is one of the most recommended cassava peeling machines available in the market, because of its efficiency in carrying out its dual functions i.e peeling and washing the cassava.

Take Note: When you use the sand roller, in order to obtain optimal performance, the cassava tubers’ input must be started after the start of the operation, which can prolong the life of the motor and curtail the likelihood of motor deterioration.

The side of the cassava peeling machine has a discharge port that can be automatically discharged, and the whole machine is not rusted and cleaned. According to requirements, a waste collection tray can be installed at the bottom of the machine to prevent sewage stains and the like from contaminating the ground.


I hope this post has been helpful in making the reader understand how the cassava peeling machine works(the working principle of the different cassava peeling machines).

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