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All You Need To Know About The Computer Operating System

What is the Computer Operating System?

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

Nearly every computer program requires an operating system to function.

The two most common operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS.

All You Need To Know About The Computer Operating System

The significant administrations of an operating system are −

• Memory management

• Disk access

• Creating UI

• Managing the various projects operating in parallel

• Likewise, it controls and deals with the equipment’s working

Kinds of Operating System

Following are the significant kinds of the operating system −

• Disk Operating System (DOS)

• Windows Operating System

• Unix Operating System

Allow us presently to talk about each operating system exhaustively.

Disk Operating System

MS-DOS is one of the most established and broadly utilized operating systems.

DOS is a bunch of PC programs, the significant elements of which are file management, assignment of system assets, and giving fundamental highlights to control equipment gadgets.

DOS orders can be composed in either capitalized or lower case.

Highlights of DOS

Following are the critical highlights of DOS −

• It is a solitary client system.

• It controls the program.

• It is machine freedom.

• It oversees (PC) records.

• It oversees the info and yield system.

All You Need To Know About The Computer Operating System

• It oversees (PC) memory.

• It gives order preparing offices.

• It works with Assembler.

Kinds of DOS Commands

Following are the significant sorts of DOS Command −

• Internal Commands − Commands like DEL, COPY, TYPE, and so forth are the inward orders that remain put away in PC memory.

• External Commands − Commands like FORMAT, DISKCOPY, and so on are the outer orders and remain stored on the plate.

Windows Operating System

This operating system is the expansion of the disk operating system.

It is the most famous and easiest operating system.

All You Need To Know About The Computer Operating System

It very well may be utilized by any individual who can peruse and comprehend fundamental English, as it doesn’t need any uncommon preparation.

Be that as it may, the Windows Operating System expects DOS to run the different application programs at first.

Due to this explanation, DOS ought to be introduced into the memory and afterward, windows can be executed.

Components of Windows OS

Following are the critical component of the Windows Operating System (WOS) −

• Graphical User Interface

• Icons (pictures, archives, application, program symbols, and so forth)

• Taskbar

• Start button

• Windows wayfarer

• Mouse button

• Hardware similarity

• Software similarity

• Help, and so forth

Unix Operating System

The Unix Operating System is the soonest operating system created in the 1970s.

Allow us to consider the accompanying focuses identifying with the Unix Operating System –

• It is an operating system that has performed multiple tasks highlights.

• It has multiuser PC operating systems.

• It runs essentially on each kind of equipment and gives a boost to open source development.

All You Need To Know About The Computer Operating System

• It has near complex usefulness and consequently an undeveloped client can’t utilize it; just the person who has taken preparation can utilize this system.

• Another downside of this system is, it doesn’t pull out of caution about the results of a client’s activity (regardless of whether the client’s activity is correct or wrong).

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