10 Easy Steps on How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online

How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online

Window 10 is currently the latest version of a window made by Microsoft as an upgrade of the existing windows which are Windows 7 and Windows 8.1+..,  the window is believed to be the last version of Windows released by Microsoft as notified by them upon its release.

Instead of a new version of the window, the firm confirmed that they will be focusing on the development and upgrade of the last window to include new features in the future.

After the release of Windows 10, Microsoft gave a certain period for a free upgrade for those using genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8 + which lasted until July 29.

Anyone using other versions of a window can upgrade freely within the period because the firm has specified $119 as the cost of the upgrade after the July 29 free period expires.

The free upgrade had made those who are comfortable with the existing window in their computer opt for the upgrade. The demo of the new window was also released to encourage users the upgrade and that has actually persuaded most users.

How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online
How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online: laptop screen of Windows 10

One good feature of Windows 10 seen through the demo is the ability to try it out, which means you can download the window 10 ISO from Microsoft and install it on your computer, no matter the type of computer you are using which also includes Mac users except that they will need to install the Operating System through Bootcamp.

How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online
How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online: window 10 screen wallpaper

How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online via ISO Devices

For those who install Windows 10 for ISO, you can just download it from Microsoft and store it in your system. However, the following had been noticed during the installation:

How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online
How To Install and Activate Windows10 Online: window 10 Microsoft default look
  • The window will prompt you twice for the product activation key with the option to “skip for now”
  • Press the skip, for now, option and you will be taken to the next stage.
  • After the installation, there are a few things you will notice which are; that the watermark on the lower right-hand corner will be showing “ACTIVATE WINDOWS” and you may not be able to use the “Personalization” features because they are grayed out and inaccessible. Besides this last issue, your Windows 10 ISO is a fully operational window. Some people said that enrolling in the Windows Insider program can help remove the watermark but you will not still be able to personalize the computer. However, there are tricks that can help you personalize the computer but that can be detailed later.

Windows 10 is designed to run on multiple Microsoft products such as tablets, surface hubs, PCs, and embedded systems which makes it appear as a universal app.

The window 10 update is currently free for over 190 countries.

The upgrade will also help to verify if you were running on a genuine version of the previous window which is the major condition for the free upgrade offer, so if your system was not genuine the update may not work.

Normally for a paid upgrade, a 25-keyword and number character will be issued which will serve as the product key and will be required for the product activation. It is called the product digital license.

One of the activators of window 10 is the KMSpico window 10 activator, the tool is designed to eliminate some errors and technical challenges arising from the installation and activation of the window.

Computer Laptop Windows 10 Hybrid Tablet P

Steps on  How To Install and Activate Windows10 online

For procedure approach;

  1. Visit the Microsoft website and download the window 10 version according to the device you wish to install it.
  2. Back up your computer or any device with an external hard disk or drive.
  3. Then go to the download file location on your computer.
  4. Right-Click on the downloaded Windows 10 from the Microsoft website and options will be shown, select “run administrator”.
  5. A pop-up will be shown with yes or no options, select “yes”.
  6. Your installation will begin immediately after the yes option if your current window version is genuine the window 10 will be installed successfully without any technical problem and your previous files may still be intact.
  7. When the option to insert the product key shows up, always click on the “skip for now” option.
  8. A certificate is created to validate your system’s activation status and sent to the Microsoft server.
  9. During the installation, an option will come up to help you select what you may choose to keep in your system and you may choose to do nothing thereby leaving all your files intact.
  10. If your system is a new one like a new computer, Windows 10 can automatically be installed directly from Microsoft website if your system is connected to the fast browsing internet network.


There are lots of write up and videos to help you understand the new window and its functionalities, they can be found on the Microsoft website and other websites.

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